Modern Stress Management Professional Course with Gökhan Ayar

Online (Tr + Eng) | 8 Apr 2024 - 30 Apr 2024

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Modern Stress Management PRO

The GoE's Modern Stress Management Professional Certification

Created by Silvia Hartmann 

Created by Silvia Hartmann for the 21st Century

The Modern Stress Management Professional course is perfect for Modern Energists who want to go out into the mainstream and talk to real people, in the real world and help THEM with their stress problems.

This course will teach you how stress affects performance, leadership and goal setting. It helps you find the right target audiences and how to communicate correctly with them.

Modern Stress Solutions for a Modern World 

Stress makes human beings stupid. The more stressed they are, the more stupid they become. 

They also become consecutively more unlucky, unlovable, accident prone, susceptible to injuries, short sighted and generally hapless, hopeless and helpless. They become unproductive, uncreative, lack enthusiasm and do not work to the best of their ability in all areas of their life.

MODERN Stress Management reverses the tide and shows us how we can become "better people" - by moving out of stress, and into success - effortlessly.

By understanding MODERN Stress Management, we learn how to move into high energy states 

  • Naturally
  • Easily
  • Profoundly
  • Without the need for meditation, yoga, biofeedback or even having to use "methods" such as EFT or EMO.

MODERN Stress Management is logical and immensely practical. MODERN Stress Management can (and should!) be applied to every area of life to get the MASSIVE gains that are on offer.

In this 8 Unit course you will learn how to recognise and measure stress and learn modern tools to help individuals improve their energy average and reduce their stress levels.

MODERN Stress Management Improves:

  • Personal Performance: Thinking, logic, intelligence, creativity, decision making, confidence, emotional control.
  • Physical Performance: Strength, speed, endurance, posture, co-ordination, regeneration and recovery, accuracy.
  • Social Performance: Social skills, emotional intelligence, communication abilities, team work, popularity, being liked/loved.
  • LeadershipQualities of vision, inspiration, personal power, natural authority, strategic planning, systemic thinking.
  • What Money Can't Buy: Satisfaction, happiness, achievement, success, purpose, power, passion, luck, life and love of life.

There's never been so much stress in the world - Stress is everywhere.

"The Trillion Dollar Stress Pandemic" - and it's happening right now.

Stress At Work - Stress In The Home - Money Stress - Health Stress - World Stress!


Let's take a deep breath - here's the good news.


Upon completion of this course you will become a GoE Modern Stress Management Professional and gain acces to: 

  • In-depth and comprehensive course manual.
  • Support documents
  • Ready made charts and presentations
  • Sample approach letters  
  • 1 years Professional Membership

Gain licensed to teach MSM to individuals, schools, buisness, in your neighbourhood....the options are endless!

Please click on the 'Live Trainings' tab to find out which of our wonderful trainers are currently offering this course. Alternatively this course is offered via Distance Learning.


Helen Mccrarren, Distance Learning Graduate The Modern Stress management course offers us a truly unique and innovative way to manage the stress in our lives . It is a new paradigm in stress management . The central tenet is that when our energy states are low we cannot solve problems creatively but when our energy states are high we can function as highly skilled problem solvers and create for ourselves fulfilled happy satisfying lives . Therefore we manage our stress by improving our energy flow from a de-energised state to a truly energised state.

It acknowledges that the energy of one person effects the energy of another and so it suggests improving our own energy flow and then improving the energy flow of the system .

This puts us in the driving seat as we figure out what we can do to improve our energy flow . For me listening to Tina Turner “ simply the best “creates a huge energy surge that propels me to the +5 state that is seen as the starting point energy state needed to be expand possibilities .

It offers a stress scale so we can identify where we are on the stress table

It guides us in recognising our different feelings thoughts and behaviours depending on where we are on the stress scale. Then we compile a list of ways to improve our energy flow . Completing that exercise alone empowers us to take charge of our energy flow It encourages us to tune into our “heart “ energy our reason for being our soul energy

It differentiates between who we are in the here and now in this moment and the parts of us involved in past and future events to come ,

This gives us a space between who we are in this moment and the part of us involved in a past trauma or the part of us going into the future.

It identifies love energy as the most powerful force for change in any system

And it teaches us how to bring this force into our lives any time in any situation

The modern stress management course is truly a life changing course that puts us in touch with our own superpower.

Helen Mccrarren, Distance Learning Graduate

Martina Barrett The course was a good experience for me and I an very pleased that I did it. It gave me a way of working with energy (my own as well as others) that is easy to use and to pass on to others. My main motivation in signing up for it was to get some skills/insights in working with groups; I now feel that I can marry this course to EFT and EMO to develop programmes that will suit the service users of the Family Centre where I minister. Maybe I will also find other avenues for it when my energy level hits +10!

Martina Barrett

Nanouschka De Wilde, GoE Trainer MSM offers the opportunity to integrate all the different skills learned in EFT , EMO and any others into a system to support others for example; individually or groups in the form of clients, training sessions, workshops or businesses. It is simple yet extremely effective; it honours the individual and creates an environment for flow and evolution to success. I love how MSM lends itself to be used in individual work when moving a client from their problem state, and supported them to deal with that using EFT or EMO now we have MSM to enable us to move to goal setting and a more successful future. Even though we work in moving people into a high SUE level in EFT and EMO it is usually around a specific problem, MSM enables us to now move to a more successful future overall and has a whole new learning paradigm included. If you are a practitioner then MSM is for you and your business.

Nanouschka De Wilde, GoE Trainer

Kelly Mayne
GoE Trainer What an absolutely mind-blowing course MODERN Stress Management is. I always have high expectations for Silvia Hartmann's courses, and have never once been disappointed...but this...this blew my socks is EPIC!
We had so many great ideas of where we can take this and I feel today was just the tip of the iceberg! Thank you Sandra Hillawi for once again being a loving and inspiring trainer. I would highly recommend you do this course, don't let any limitations/reversals/reasons get in the way. MODERN Stress Management will change your life.

Kelly Mayne GoE Trainer

Phil Gowler
GoE Trainer I am currently working through the MSM distance learning course with the wonderful Lorna Firth.

I LOVE the course material, being an ex-corporate employee, I know this would work well in business, but if course it is equally good for anyone or any groups.

Phil Gowler GoE Trainer

Sandra Hillawi, International Trainer Trainer with The GoE Guild of Energists Why MSM? As a long term EFT and EMO Practitioner and Trainer I asked myself this question.

Not everyone wants to tap yet everyone still has stress. I liked so many things about this training starting with the detailed personal stress assessment. This was a real eye opener to really understand myself at different levels of the SUE Scale.

How I am, who I am and what I need and what I am capable of and can do from -10 to +10 was really so valuable and was a great teaching about energy. This was such a worthwhile exercise in self awareness that brought home the energy body health chart theory on paper and translated it to my own personal life, in knowing myself.

Then to start to organise strategies in my life that will easily and reliably raise my energy according to where I’m at... all without tapping was really useful and practical for self help.

Being a seasoned EFT practitioner its easy to forget that there are so many other ways to do it !!! This is equally helpful to clients one to one and in workshops.

From there we continued to developing range of skills all to raise energy with clients, through conversation and through a range of techniques which introduce awareness and experience of energy and emotional state management. Goal setting to state is a powerful concept and tool as is the YES principle. These all serve as a great introduction for those who may wish to progress to learn Energy EFT or can be reliably used for self help stress management without tapping.

I also liked the ready made promotional leaflets, workshop handouts, SUE scale wrist bands in the merchandise box to support and enable great Modern Stress Management Workshops.

As a practitioner I find myself using a lot of the skills from the MSM course with my EFT and EMO clients and in conversation with friends and family. It really is an excellent and useful practical and most enjoyable training, spending all that time going up the SUE scale, which really does open the doors to a much wider audience who need stress management for a happy successful life who may not always be open or ready for EFT.

Positioning MSM with the pre-requisite of Energy EFT Master Practitioner is right too. In the field, though not everyone wants or needs therapy, some still do. And to have this skill set also as a back up is essential to fall back upon as we see the need arise.

All in all, I definitely recommend Energy EFT Master Practitioners to take this step to expand their skills and open their doors to the mainstream population with Modern Stress Management.

Sandra Hillawi, International Trainer Trainer with The GoE Guild of Energists

Glenn Turner, Australia Hi everyone just though I would write a quick review of my experience to date (half way into the training) with the MSM course. Being only half way in and am sure there is a lot more to come I just felt like sharing some of my feelings about the course so far.

I am really enjoying the course and finding that it is constantly expanding my thinking and feeling about what it is to be an energist. I can also clearly see now that this course will definitely make all of us better EFTers and why it is positioned as it is within the training process. While there is definite structure to the training I am finding it incredibly freeing . While I never felt bound or restricted with EFT at all, MSM presents another kind of free for me.

What I am finding with the MSM course is how in encouraging me to go all in as an Energist it is creating opportunities and allowing rapid and remarkable change to occur for me. And almost always in ways I could not have imagined and at times where I wasn’t expecting anything much at all.

In doing the course exercises I’m finding beyond just having an experience with the exercise I’m experiencing deep change. I’m finding that the energy model & system presented in the course is taking me to places that EFT on it's own hasn't. Not to say that it couldn't, just that I haven't to date experienced from tapping what I’m getting with the MSM system. With my partial experience with MSM I'm finding things are integrating and evolving in ways that are new & unexpected as well as very exciting.

I can also understand some of the other reviews when they say they were lost for words in relation to the course. I’m finding that as a result of consistently moving towards +10, a quickening is occurring were the ability to articulate things is lagging just a bit behind what I am experiencing energy wise with the course. I can feel it I just can't quite put it into words in a way that reflects what I am feeling.

What I can say is that I am really enjoying the course. Lorna is a great help and very supportive offering great feedback and direction. If you are thinking about the MSM course and whether it’s a fit for you, personally I think it’s a fit for all of us and is something we really need to allow ourselves to find the very best of ourselves, and beyond, as Energists.

Glenn Turner, Australia

Maria LiPuma,
Modern Stress Management Professional,
United States I offered an hour MSM presentation to a group of hospice workers, including clergy, social worker, counsellors, nurses, and lay people.

The presentation went very well with lots of great questions and interest in more.

Afterwards, I received a lovely thank you note and this morning my friend who works at hospice and set up the initial contact called to tell me how her co workers were thrilled and received so much from the presentation, the hospital is talking about how they can get me in to do a half day workshop. So excited!

Some feedback from the workshop:

"Learning that managing "STRESS" is key in life. Your workshop made me MUCH more aware of how important eliminating stress is in order to achieve a successful life.

My awareness of this is at front of my priorities and I think before It was buried under so many pressures I just did not look at it."

Maria LiPuma, Modern Stress Management Professional, United States

Lorna Firth, Trainer, Cyprus Great feed back from my Modern Stress Management presentation last Monday:

"As the Founder of Ladies@Lunch – Cyprus, I would like to express my immense appreciation to you for your professional presentation at our February 2016 group meeting.

Inevitably, your experience and your compassion to communicate to a captive audience the subject matter of Stress Management, was well received and particularly recognised in the audience participation with the workshop aspect during your structured presentation.

May I congratulate and applaud you on the excellent community work you are performing in helping others to understand the importance of stress management in their private and professional lives.

I look forward to welcoming you back in the near future."

Lorna Firth, Trainer, Cyprus

Maria LiPuma
MSM Professional
United States I facilitated my first day long MSM Workshop this weekend (Saturday)!

We had a wonderful time, participants loved the information and materials. So much love and healing! The following day I saw one of the participants (wearing her SUE scale wristband) and she said:

"The workshop was great! It was far better and meaningful then I had expected it to be. I'm so happy to have participated."

Maria LiPuma MSM Professional United States

Guillermo Peña A - Modern Stress Management Professional My sixth sense was yelling at me, that the course would change my professional life immediately, and I only can confirm that this has been exceptionally true. Just a month after I did the course, wonderfully guided by Ilka Wandel, I have quadrupled the number of participants in my vision training courses. In less than one month, that is extraordinary! This continues though to the end of the year, and this is thanks to the MSM Course. Changes were not only professionally but have also spread to my personal life and my health. I'm so high and enthusiastic about it!! From the deep of my heart, I recommend this course to all who wish to make their mark in life.
MSM is the tool that will take you beyond what you dreamed of!!

I sincerely congratulate Ilka Wandel, she was non stopping in creating in us all a battery of +10, one after another, within the group. The MSM course was for me immeasurable, extraordinary, clairvoyant and an amazingly positive experience!!!

Guillermo Peña A - Modern Stress Management Professional

Wendy Birse - Modern Stress Management Professional I’ve come back from the first two-day MSM certification training with Silvia Hartmann, I've had to completely re-think the 45 minute workshop I’m delivering at a wellness festival in the north-east of Scotland on Sunday!
Modern Stress Management is just that – it’s new, it’s different, it is evolutionary. Not only does it move our perception and understanding of ‘stress’ forward but it also directly facilitates the evolution of individuals and businesses who apply it.
What Silvia has provided for us is an application of energism which takes us out of therapy and in to performance enhancement. This allows us to make our knowledge, skills and experience available much more widely, raising energy, facilitating optimal flow where people really are for most of their lives – at work and at home, among colleagues and family – rather than isolated in a practitioner’s consulting room.
If you’re ready to make energism your career, I will be offering the MSM certificate course in Scotland from September 2015 onwards – let me know if Heart Centred Stress Management appeals to you!

Wendy Birse - Modern Stress Management Professional

Donna Wirth - Modern Stress Management Professional I absolutely loved the course, and I had an opportunity to put MSM to the test on the day after the training when I missed my plane. I quickly managed my panic with what I learned, and handled the situation calmly with the help of some great people at British Airways.
When I realised in the London Underground train that I wasn't going to get there in time I had a panicky feeling. I crossed my hands over my heart, brought my energy up and calmly accepted the situation and just dealt with the situation. Everything worked out and I'm home blessed with another wonderful learning experience from Silvia Hartmann.

Donna Wirth - Modern Stress Management Professional

Vanessa Tallon - Modern Stress Management Professional I found Silvia Hartmann's Modern Stress Management training turning me around and looking at stress management and EFT from a completely new angle. I recently used one of the methods in this training with a client and had instant results in moving out of a belief system and forward into a new awareness.

Vanessa Tallon - Modern Stress Management Professional

Tracy Morrow - Modern Stress Management Professional Silvia Hartmann's Modern Stress Management course brings a great sense of logic and structure to the understanding of stress and creating a plan for dealing with it. I've come away with a far better understanding of the energy body, how I can raise my own energy, how to help others to do the same and how this relates to the levels of stress we feel.
Using the SUE scale to identify how stressed people are in any aspect of their life creates a unique, measurable approach that I think will appeal to businesses as well as individuals.
Some great examples were given during the course but what I'd really like to do is be a fly-on-the-wall in a real life situation to observe how this works when Silvia goes in to a company rather than a room full of energists. This is because, although the content was great and I'm really excited at the potential, given a week or two to digest the information, I'm not quite sure exactly what I'd say/do with clients and would love to see it in action. I assume the supporting material when it's ready will help greatly with this though.
So, all in all, hugely powerful stuff, passionate about getting it out there, fairly sure I'd know what to say to encourage people to book me but not completely sure how it would work/how the sessions would run once I'm in there.

Tracy Morrow - Modern Stress Management Professional

Jorge Vence - Modern Stress Management Professional This is one of the few occasions in which I am out of words. The training in Modern Stress Management (MSM for short) by Silvia Hartmann was much more than what I anticipated.
The way in which Silvia facilitated the training was so effortless and flawless, and most importantly I found highly beneficial and useful that we were shown how to use the skills we already possess in order to offer even better and lasting results to our clients and even ourselves.
One thing, I must highlight is the way Silvia demonstrated to us how easy is to do our work in a covert manner, so people don’t even know they are doing energy work, and get the results they want, without feeling all “awkward” about it.
Now, thanks to this incredible training, the support and love from the fellow energists, I feel more confident than ever before that YES we CAN and we WILL make a difference not only in our lives, our families, and that of our client’s, but the ENTIRE WORLD and UNIVERSE too by helping people distress one at the time.
It never seemed so simple and achievable, so together let’s say goodbye to stress and welcome SUCCESS.
Thank you Silvia and GoE Team.

Jorge Vence - Modern Stress Management Professional

Gökhan Ayar
  •  Çeşmealtı/urla, İzmir, Turkey
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