StarLab | Energy Voodoo For Luck, Success, Profit and Fun! with Silvia Hartmann

Online | 8 Apr 2024 - 29 Apr 2024

Congratulations to Susan Church, Zoe Hobden, David Ingvoldstad, Alex Kent & Simone White!

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Silvia Hartmann StarLabs 2024

Modern Energy Voodoo For Luck, Success, Profit and Fun!

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"What you send out returns threefold to you!"

Well, well, well ... if that isn't an invitation to do some lovely proxy energy work, also known as shamanic energy work - for other people, organisations and entities who are in need of evolution!

Being angry and upset is really bad for our health; it disables our energy bodies, reverses our Heart Centres and that disempowers us and makes it harder to create the sort of reality we want to create.

Likewise, worrying about those we love and care for doesn't do a thing for them or for us.

But ENERGY knows no boundaries, knows no frontiers, nor time or space and stop us from doing some truly AMAZING energy work and change the world!

We can be someone else's LUCKY STAR and in so doing, gain the rewards for doing something right, something amazing - literally sending focused love into the world.

Join us for a truly inspiring, energizing trip into the realms of being someone else's healing angel, lucky star, fairy godmother (or father!) and experience sensations you have never felt before.

Star Magic is the way!

  • 4 weekly full length group video sessions
  • Replay recordings
  • Lab notes transcripts
  • Private forum for ongoing monitoring & support after the Star Lab completes.

โœจ SPECIAL BONUS: Each participant will receive an additional bonus personal 1-1 private session with Silvia Hartmann for focused, individual attention. โœจ

Silvia Hartmann
  •  The Guild of Energists
  •  East Sussex, England
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