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The most important terms and concepts in Silvia Hartmann's Event Psychology explained.

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abreaction - A stress response when a stressed system has become so unstable, it descends into total chaos. In people this includes anger outbursts, breaking down sobbing, screaming incoherently, and fainting.      

absent event - A event that is missing from the events matrix which directly causes behaviour designed to acquire the absent or missing event

absolute reality - What is happening outside of and including any one human being who is observing this.      

actual experienced reality - What one individual human being experiences about absolute reality.

admiration - One of the steps in the attention-to-love model of energy/information flow.

Ancient Monuments Model - Model used in memory enrichment to mark out new parts of the enriched memory as having been added at a later date.

artefact - Any object, landscape, person or occurrence tied to an event by physical or temporal proximity. Artefacts serve as direct portals to the event

aspects - Different aspects of a situation, person or object depending on the attitude of consciousness which is observing it. 

attention - The act of directing the consciousness to create a connection with something through which information and energy may flow

attitude, attitude of consciousness - The relational attitude of consciousness to something (i.e. a memory)





basic events pattern - The events story which contains the event, and the metacomments on the event

behaviour  - What a person can be seen to be doing.             

belief formation  - In Events Psychology, belief formation happens by metacomments on the events

body sensations - Direct feedback on the state of the energy system, see also emotions





change event - A one time lightning strike which brings about change, learning, healing and evolution. 

client avidity - The opposite of client resistance.


Client-Practitioner Dance - A way of interaction between the client and the practitioner which allows both to bring their best healing efforts to bear on the problem in hand and which puts the client in charge of directing the healing session towards WHAT THEY WANT absolutely, and nowhere else. The Client-Practitioner Dance model from EMO has proven so effective, it has also been adopted for Events Psychology to give practitioners of energy psychology the advantage of creating safe, meaningful and helpful relationships that have the power to heal.                     


contaminant level - The amount of stress present which precludes clear recall, movements of consciousness and access to other faculties the client needs to be able to experience change events

Creative Order  - The structural principles behind the Universe and everything it holds.

Creative Template - A model for people to work towards not some artificial ideal, try to model themselves on another person who isn't they, or try to turn the clock back but to find their own "best possible working order" (Even Flow) at this time and tune systems towards that. More information.



dance - A form of interaction whereby two or more individuals enter into a mutual movement which if it works as it should, produces a combined movement that is more than the sum of the parts.           

desired outcome  - What a client preferably would like to achieve through a change event

dream core - The essence of a dream.

drug induced experiences - Events Psychology does not discriminate against memories of events that came into being as the result of a drug induced experience and treats all events simply as events.



echo see events echo    

Emotions - Feedback from the energy system transmitted to the physical body. More about Emotions              

EMO - Energy healing and teaching system developed by Silvia Hartmann in 2002.

energetic injuries   - Real injuries in the energy system which is also real, which really hurt and cause "emotional pain" (as opposed to insisting that someone only feels all that pain "in their head"!) and which can really be treated so that a person can start to recover and really start to feel better.

energetic reality see erea

Energized End State - The aim and outcome of any EMO and Events Psychology session - to feel energized, fully alive, and for the opposite of the presenting problem to have come into being.       

Energy Psychology - Psychology treatment methods that takes the human energy body into consideration.  

Energy System - The human energy body plus whatever else there is energetically that makes up the energy aspects of the human totality

Erea or EREA - Short for "Existing Energetic Reality". More about Ereas.        

enlightenment experience - All events if correctly processed turn out to be enlightenment experiences, high energy experiences that evolve a person to the next level of their personal development

Even Flow - A core concept of EMO that describes the best possible energy flow in any existing energy system.  

event - An instantaneous occurrence in the energy system which changes a person's totality in a heartbeat

event absolute - The instant of the event itself which is free of thoughts but a body sensation instead.

event invitation - A time/space environment that would allow an event to occur if the owner of the systems was willing.

event line - Events that come into being because of previous events form an events line.

events echo - An event being represented repeatedly for resolution; often seems like a repeat run of the original genesis event.

events impoverished - Not enough events to create a stable events matrix. This causes often extreme manifestations of thought, emotion and behaviour.

events matrix  - All events mapped together to create "the shape and content of a person's life".        


events memory - The stored data inside a person which is all that remains of any event now

events model - Creating a model memory to replace inaccessible memories or to provide missing events.    

Events Psychology  - The psychology of events and their effects on human thought, emotion and behaviour.                                                           

events starved - An unstable events matrix because there are not enough events to hold it together.


events story - The story which contains an event inside like a fruit may contain a seed within. In Events Psychology treatments it is very important to distinguish the event absolute from the story which surrounds it, and which will also include metacomments on the event, "the moral of the story".

events system - An interlinked system that contains more than one event, for example a "guiding star plus trauma" grand conjunction.



Falling In Love With The Sky - Attention exercise from Events Psychology

false memory  - A modelled (created) memory that happened by accident and is now believed to be based on reality absolute.

fantasy - A phase of imagination which precedes full autogenic manifestation.      

first person witness testimony - All we can ever know about anyone's event, as close as we can come to another person's event.

flash - A rush of energy through the energy system WHICH IS FELT IN THE BODY like an electric shock.

free will - In order to obtain the chance at free will decisions, events and their effects on our choices must be known. If they are not known and an event influence the choice (of anything) we are not in free will yet.

* fragment (memory fragment) - a piece of disconnected memory data that can be restored by creating an events model. You can either attempt to restore the original memory and evolve that or create a new events model in its place.

future events - The many events we haven't had yet and which have the power to completely transform our lives in every way. Don't give up hope, not ever!  

future orientation - Keeping the consciousness actively future orientated and stopping it from "getting trapped in the past". By reclaiming the future, structurally all of time comes back under control of the person whose time this is.



genesis event - The first time, exactly the instant it happened that the world changed and was never the same again from that moment forth. Anything that happened later which seems similar are events echoes of the original genesis event

grand conjunction - A trauma/guiding star events system that cannot be shifted until both are addressed.

Guardian Angel - An important example of a metaphysical component that can be used for memory enrichments

Guiding Star - An event that is perceived as highly positive or valuable, and which is often attempted to be recreated, which is both futile as well as extremely damaging.          



hallucinations - Events Psychology does not discriminate against memories of events that came into being as the result of a hallucinated experience and treats all events simply as events. If a person is currently hallucinating, they clearly need stress treatments before anything else may be done by or with them

Harmony Program - The principles of energy exchanges between social mammals, and including healing high end behviour problems with love

* Holistic Psychology - Holistic Psychology & Events Psychology


healing event see change event                             

healing hands  - The hands that belong to anyone's energy body and which are designed to shape and change energetic realities, including treating wounds in another person's energy body, or their own.

Highest Taste Principle - The best experience sets the standard and ceiling of what a person believes to be the best experience possible until a higher taste comes along and re-sets this ceiling. This is also known as evolution

human actualisation - A human being actually working in accordance with the particular design each of us was given at the moment of conception by the Creative Order.



idealised state - A mythical, unreachable, unrealistic model of the human energy system that helps no-one

imagination - Human system by which events and memories may be created at will, and changed at will.

infinite events model - The idea that the amount of potential events a person may experience in their lifetime is essentially infinite. So get on with it!!


infinite selves  - Events Psychology alternative to the "parts model". Mapping a person by time and dealing exactly with what there is at any one particular point in space and time.

information processing system - The conscious mind and the energy mind are not master and slave, but information processing systems designed to work together to compute at a level that is more than the sum of their parts.

insane - Old fashioned word to stop further investigation into the cause and effect of human malfunctioning in thought, emotion and behaviour.

interpersonal communication  - One person communicating with another, or attempting to.

intrapersonal communication - One person communicating with themselves, or attempting to.   





lack of events - see absent events.

life after death  - Events may survive death, but only events

lightning strikes  - How an event feels to a person who experiences it.

linear language - One word after the other, one letter after the other. V-e-r-y s-l-o-w ...

love  - Extreme energy/attention connection which feels good, is extremely nourishing and contains massive amounts of information. Has been said to aid in healing.    



madness - Medieval word for something going on that wasn't properly understood

magic moment - Humorous term for change event.

matrix see events matrix           

medieval thinking - Thinking at the level of a monk in the dark ages who has been fasting, sex-starving, sleep depriving and beating themselves with whips for some years in their dungeon cell.

memory   - Stored data of a person's experiences.                    

memory enrichment - Adding embellishments and structural props to existing memory data to make the entire human system more stable and more able to survive and thrive.    

metacomment, metacomments  - Linear language words and phrases uttered immediately after an event which create long lasting post hypnotic suggestions.                                

misdirection of attention - One of the main reasons why people do not have enough events for a shiny, stable events matrix.

missing event  - see absent event

model  see events model                          


movement of consciousness  - The path the consciousness travels amidst the intrapersonal and extrapersonal space and time it may inhabit.  



new events - Events that are yet to come and have the power to completely change everything about a person, in every way imaginable. 

nostalgia - A form of memory re-modelling to enhance the resources of past memories by an editing process which usually happens accidentally.



object of attraction - Something that attracts attention

one equals infinity - Phrase relating to a property of events to be unique and that there is no need to try and repeat an event.

only the future can heal us - Phrase to denote the absolute future orientation of Events Psychology theory and practice.




past self, past selves  - From the infinite selves model (to replace the older "personality parts models" of traditional psychology) which defines a person as infinite different overall occurrences by time.

paying attention - The first step in the attention/energy model.  

phobia - When someone is terrified of something as a result of a trauma event which continues to echo.

physicality - The body.

portal see artefact

post hypnotic suggestion  - Thoughts or words in linear language that become accidentally or deliberately embedded in the energy matrix

problem group  - All symptoms with all their causes around a certain topic.

Project Sanctuary  - Autogenic metaphor project to reconnect the conscious mind with the energy mind.

protecting the future - Term from Events Psychology relating to taking a different attitude of consciousness to the future






resource - A generator of positive, beneficial energy forms

reversals - Reversed energy flow in the energy system. Controversial/unproven concept.

road into the event - Path the consciousness travels to the events memory, often blocked by stress disturbances




sample cases - Download PDF here

Sanctuary  see Project Sanctuary     

shield - Energy form designed to protect

soul - Actual, structural aspect of the human energy system that does not rely on a physical body to function.     

* Spiritual Psychology - Spiritual Psychology & Events Psychology

stage, staging - Objects, beings and occurrences in the environment and in close temporal proximity to where a person had an event experience.     

story - see events story           

stress - A person's system becoming de-stabilised. See also contaminant level. 



temporal proximity  - Something that is close to something else in time is said to be in temporal proximity. The closer these things are, the stronger the causal link may appear even if there is no causal link.                 

threshold shift  - The Project Sanctuary term for the energized end state.    

totality  - All aspects of a human being, known and unknown.  

trance  - A particular totality state where normal filters are absent or greatly reduced

trauma, traumatic events - Events that are causing pain now.  



unconscious mind see energy mind

unknowable events - Events that are neither traumas, nor guiding stars but something else altogether.




values - A class of beliefs

Visions - How the energy mind communicates with the conscious mind. Visions are full body experiences, exactly like a lucid dream, that contain sensations, feelings, emotions, pictures, sounds, voices, and everything else you would receive if you were fully awake and aware




wisdom - A form of learning that is based on personal experience, rather than second hand data acquisition (such as from another person or a book)



you are not crazy - There is a reason for people's thoughts, emotions and behaviour and if we stop saying to people that they are "just crazy" and instead listen, and learn, we can all go a lot further than has been the case to date



* Zoom Movements - A core technique describing a movement of consciousness to take a different attitude to a memory or an occurrence, zooming in to extreme detail and out for the bigger picture in a smooth movement that can be halted at any time to ascertain information at that details level.


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