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Events Psychology, An GoE Trainer's Perspective

Events Psychology, An GoE Trainer's Perspective

AMT Trainer Kjell Forsberg from Sweden has put together a superb peer review of Silvia Hartmann's new book Events Psychology: How To Understand Yourself & Other People .

Events Psychology can be used in conjunction with any Energy or traditional therapy, so is a must read for all GoE practitioners and therapy users.

Read on for Kjell's view on Events Psychology...

Silvia Hartmann has done it again. Events Psychology is a must for anyone interested in developing their mindset and skills within the field of human development. The book ought to get repercussions even outside the field of Energy Psychology.

There are a lot of models for working with “problems” within the field of psychology, medicine and Energy Psychology already. But the clarity in explaining why we tend to have the thoughts, actions and behaviour we have, was still missing. That is until Silvia Hartmann put her vast experience of decades of working with people from all walks of life together in a cohesive and structurally easily understood model and presented it as Events Psychology.

Not only is it a theoretical model but also an utterly practical one. Silvia gets into detail with how to change events and even add missing events when of importance for a persons individual evolution.

For the purpose of understanding lets give a short explanation of what is meant by an event.

Events are not just anything that happens in life but those moments when something took place that from that moment on changed that person´s actions, beliefs, attitudes, values, emotions, behaviours (and presumably physiology and therefore health, reviewer´s comments).

The importance of events and their cause and effect on beliefs formation and therefore impact on all areas of life have never been explained in such a straightforward, natural and sensible way before.

That in itself is helpful but like before in “The Advanced Patterns of EFT” as well as “Oceans of Energy” (EMO), Silvia has always come up with not only models of why we are the way we are but also of how to change ourselves. How to change the events themselves as well as all else that has been intertwined like a matrix such as thoughts and beliefs (metacomments) and the triggers of the scene (stage). This means that the meaning we have given to an event and the resulting belief formation and ongoing effect of all that in all walks of life can be thoroughly changed. Maybe we can express it like this; events can be edited, enriched and added like in a cartoon.

In Events Psychology Silvia Hartmann makes it clear that in order to be successful in not only treating a “problem” but for evolving a person into a new direction of life, the event itself has to be changed in order for all the repercussions in the system that metacomments and the staging has caused, to be changed as well. Actually Silvia goes on to say that until a person perceives an event as a resource there is more work to be done.

Events Psychology is much more than a trauma intervention. The model also includes those moments in life she calls Guiding Stars (perceived as positive, “the opposite of trauma”) and other events that caused a great shift in life perspective as well as events that “ought to” have been there but were missing.

“At the very core of this process lies the somewhat revolutionary idea that people have a right to decide on their own lives, and live their own lives, shaped by their own events and their own responses and actions resulting from those events.” Or in other words; give a person what THEY want, not what you want, since events are personal and “without events, there can be ... NO learning, NO change, NO healing and most of all, NO EVOLUTION”

Events Psychology is a groundbreaking work. Events Psychology is the starting point and foundation of a new era in working with personal development, health and evolution for years to come.

Kjell Forsberg

M. Sc. Biologist
GoE Trainer
EMO Trainer


Events Psychology

The Events Psychology Ultimate Package - Silvia Hartmann's Events Psychology explains the relationships between trauma events and all the many other events that make up a person's life, creates the Events Matrix, how to work with this and most of all, how to use this information to create a better future. Events Psychology is only available from DragonRising, and forms the backbone of a modern energist's work, including Energy EFT and EMO Energy in Motion.

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