Events Psychology At The 3rd European Energy Psychology Conference

Events Psychology At The 3rd European Energy Psychology Conference

Silvia Hartmann will be presenting Events Psychology at the 3rd European Energy Psychology Conference.

The main conference presentation is followed by a one day additional training day for GoE practitioners, advanced practitioners and trainers who want to add the unique features of Events Psychology to their toolbox of techniques.

Events psychology puts a whole new light on the formation of EFT set ups or opening statements as well as being able to show a clear cut path from the presenting problems to a solution using energy psychology methods.

Events psychology is immensely exciting, not just as a therapeutic tool for helping others, but also as a device to help one individual map their own lives and begin to understand why they do the things they do.

Events psychology contains a number of revolutionary concepts that are custom made for energy psychology use and which replace outdated/outmoded psychology concepts, including a brand new model to replace the idea of "parts", which is much more workable, realistic and in many situations, provides a path to a breakthrough in a problem that could otherwise not have been solved.

Finally, Events Psychology is a truly holistic psychology and also, a spiritual psychology because it embraces AND finds a place for real human experiences that could never be explained using the old mechanical, two dimensional psychology models.

Therefore it provides a complete theoretical framework for the new forms of energy psychology and does not just explain how these forms work, but also opens the door to much further exploration and brand new discoveries about how human beings really work.

This is going to be an exciting and revolutionary presentation at the main conference, and an outstanding set of tools for practitioners on the full training day.

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