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Explaining Energy & Emotions To 12-18 Year Olds

Explaining Energy & Emotions To 12-18 Year Olds

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Kelly Burch writes: A good friend of mine has an autistic daughter who is a young 18 year old. One of her main challenges is to do with handling her emotions in productive ways instead of lashing out, hiding away or making inappropriate choices. I thought that explaining what emotions are and how we can use them to help us would benefit her, but also benefit many others who feel bound or stuck by emotions. This is based on the beautiful and simple EMO Energy In Motion technique by Silvia Hartmann.

Every word, sight, sound, and smell comes with an energy. Whether we're seeing a beautiful flower, or an angry dog about to bite us, the energy of this thing tries to go in us, through us and out of us.

If we get scared or shocked really badly, say by this angry dog, the energy gets scattered and stuck inside us and is not able to flow through or out.

We didn't make this happen on purpose, it just happened. Other things make the energy get stuck too, even really good things, but this is just one example.

So the next time we see a dog, or have the same sort of thing happen, the energy from this new dog tries to come in us, through us and out of us, same as always. But it can't because of the stuck and scattered energy from the angry dog.

We are now feeling that old stuck energy and might feel scared again, even though this new dog is friendly and we are being told it is okay. We might be told that we are being silly and we should make ourselves pat this new dog. But the stuck energy tells us not to, it tell us that dogs are something to be scared of.

The energy doesn't always listen to our words or thoughts, because it is deep inside us and not in our brains. Words of other people don't help it either.

What can help us is to find the stuck energy and help it to move through us. Doing this helps us let go of that scared feeling.

We do this by asking ourselves some questions.

"When I think about this dog, where do I feel it in my body?" Place your hands where you feel it.

Be kind to this energy and encourage it to get softer so it can flow through you like water. Ask the energy "Where do you want to go?". Does it want to go up or down or out? Let's follow it as it moves through us with our kind hands, until it finds a way out. You aren't able to soften or let go of any feelings that are important to who you are, just the feelings that don't belong in there.

Then we ask again "When I think about this dog, where do I feel it in my body?" Place your hands where you feel it. Again we make this energy softer so it can move. "Where does the energy want to go?" Follow it with your hands until it finds a way out.

We do this again and again until when we think about dogs, we don't feel any scared feelings, we just feel happy and interested and excited about dogs.

Now that we have moved that stuck energy, we are able to meet new dogs and see them as they are, and feel the new dogs' energy instead of feeling the angry dog's energy and our scared feelings again and again.

And do you know what? You can do this moving of energy for any problem or any feeling that you have at any time:

  • When a school teacher or your mum or dad is annoying you, where do you feel it in your body?
  • When your sister or brother does something that hurts your feelings, where do you feel it in your body?
  • When you miss out on something fun, where do you feel it in your body?
  • When something happens and you don't understand it and it makes you feel worried, where do you feel it in your body?
  • When someone calls you a name that hurts you, where do you feel it in your body?

And because you can do this just with your hands following the energy, no one needs to know that you are doing it.

It is easy and once you get the hang of it, things like angry feelings can just move through you and you don't need to yell or hurt anyone, you can just let the angry energy move through you. You don't need to tell yourself to not feel sad or frustrated, because you know EXACTLY what to do when you feel like this.

And this means that feelings are nothing to be worried about anymore, because they are just energies and we know what energy wants - to flow!

Kelly Burch

January 2013


I was singing I'm a Little Teapot with my kids this morning and this came to me after admiring how well the teapot flowed it's anger ("when it gets all steamed up"). A brilliant poem to teach younger children about softening & flowing:

My feelings are like water, 
they drip and they drop. 
If I’m worried about my feelings, 
I might try to make them stop. 

So instead of flowing outward, 
My feelings then stick in me. 
But if I choose to just allow them, 
They will flow out to the sea. 

The raindrops and rivers 
Are clever with their flow. 
Even if you stop them, 
They will find a way to go. 

But instead of a gentle trickle 
When the water’s left to flow, 
There becomes a destructive wave; 
The result of an overflow. 

So love and allow your feelings, 
Like water they nourish and revive. 
Welcome all the kinds of feelings 
That you’ll have while you’re alive.



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