Feeding & Care of the Energy Body!

Feeding & Care of the Energy Body!

Here is a delightful pattern, courtesy of the members of the StarFields Group, which can really and truly lighten up and brighten up your life! All it takes is a little intention and just simply to remember doing it - and wow, the world's a totally different place in an instance. Mine was, as soon as I tried it! So read on, here's ...


Care & Feeding Of The Energy Body

This is the first mail, from Dr Jocelyn Blouin, entitled, "Feeding My Energy Field":

Hello to all SF fans!

During the evening of Sunday, after doing all day long some intensive gardening tasks, I surprised myself watering my personal energy field!!!

It was like if I was a thirsty land desperately waiting for water or some kind of feeding.

So I carefully fed every parcels of my energy land.

It felt so refreshing!!!

A happy gardener,



And here's my response:

Hi Jocelyn - and what a great idea to feed your energy field!

Oh yes, and the very instant I thought it rain is beginning to fall all through mine, hard, heavy summer rain that just splashes down - what a relief!

Thank you for that!



Later on that day I went on to say:

I've been completely perked up by that HUGE summer rain storm I immediately evoked earlier in response and had a fabulous and very, very productive day from what started out as "hot, sick tired, I want to die ..." this morning! What a difference that made!

... and indeed, it did.

But this is not just all we can do for our energy systems.

Here's more ideas on the topic of "the care and feeding of your energy body" from Alex Plunkett:

I have begun the process of asking my energy body " What energy do we need for the day?" Or Just talking to my physical body asking the same question. I am finding that it really helps in the Oceans of energy process. Giving the "bodies" the space to say I need this, Is so freeing. I am finding this helps with boredom, and gives me a challenge for the day. If I cannot find the energy or just come up blank, while watching something on T.V. or Tellie for our English friends, or seeing a Picture evokes a " feed me that" or I really need to learn this type of flow.

The world is becoming something of a wonder instead of a dread.

I am coming to believe that the Energy Body is in just as much need of "Exercise" and "Feeding" as is the Physical Body. We are getting to know one another, and I love the feeling!

We are becoming the friends that we were meant to be instead of resisting each other. I am now working on flowing with others, dancing with the energy of people, places, feelings and things. The world is becoming a place of wonder once again. Everything is new and Wonderful.

I am seeing the world through the eyes of a child once again.

It is powerful and empowering all at the same time.

Try it, give yourself the space to do something Great for your own life!

Alex Dragon


... and I wholeheartedly concur!

The old guys back when used to say that all healing starts from the energy body up and if they're right, we can do NOTHING BETTER than to start here. And how much better can it get - this is easy, you don't have to get off the couch at all and you really do FEEL the benefits all through your mind and physical body immediately.

What a pure joy!

As Alex says, give yourself a boost, try it!

All the best,



The Care & Feeding Of The Energy Body first posted to the StarFields Group August 6, 2003.

Rights respective contributors.



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