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Feelings, Lightening & Warming

Events psychology recognizes that if “you don’t feel anything, there will be no change.” Feelings are important to events which are always total body experiences and awareness of these feelings in the body is often the key to making lasting, powerful changes.

Introduction to Events Psychology:

Feelings, Lightening & Warming

By Dr Teresa Lynch


Events psychology is an extraordinary way of examining the events that encompass a life and how these events shape the behaviors, values and belief systems which will affect how that life will play itself out. It is different from human psychology which has long been associated with “mind games.” These mind games often negate the importance of physical sensations involved in an event wondering why its efforts rarely produce lifelong change.

Events psychology recognizes that if “you don’t feel anything, there will be no change.” Feelings are important to events which are always total body experiences and awareness of these feelings in the body is often the key to making lasting, powerful changes.

Events Psychology is also different from today’s definition of energy psychology. Where energy psychology uses a number of ways to affect the meridian system of the body, it does not have the connectedness to the energy matrix and use of events structures that are found in Events Psychology. These meridian systems in energy psychology are also modeled after the ancient maps of the energy system found in the Chinese culture. These old maps cannot hold up to the human energy system of today often missing the personalization of the energy system needed in each individual. They also do not deal with emotion and physical sensation which is primary to events psychology.

Events psychology tells us that events in our lives are what hold our energy systems together in the form of an energy matrix. By looking closely at the events matrix, one finds that the thoughts and behaviors are a direct reflection of their events and how they processed them at the time. The cool thing is that events are not only personal, but “intrapersonal.”

Who could ever guess that events being intrapersonal are in and of themselves open to new events? “It is never over!”

Even more exciting is understanding that events are required for “all healing, for all learning, for all change, for all evolution.” “Only the future can heal us”…again, it’s never over! There is always more to evolve, more events to be had, and infinite ways to have them.

Another important concept of Events Psychology is looking at the metacomments surrounding an event and connecting with the aspect in the event. It is eye opening to realize while working with aspects, how metacomments can structure one’s beliefs long after an event has past.

“Only an event has the power to change the beliefs, values and attitudes held as the result of a previous event.”

Events give life its “meaning and structure” through these metacomments. Upon completion of this course, one may feel like they have made “friends” with the aspects of themselves they once avoided and gain a deep understanding of their thought processes in an event. The simple question, “Can I understand why that aspect thought or felt that way?” can open up so much for the aspect often evolving into a threshold shift.

Yet, there is no pressure to solve the event as discovered through the course motto, “you don’t have to solve it, just evolve it!” Thus, these aspects become a vibrant part of the matrix as a warm energy and lightness evolves out of the connectedness formed. Feeling lighter and more vibrant may be a side effect of the work/play in this course.

On a more personal note understanding the intrapersonal nature of my events, I have gone in and evolved many events of my life into warm events and gained many insights from doing so. I have experienced a “lightening” of my energy matrix along with a “warming” as events were processed and evolved by recognizing the trauma event and/or the missing event and/or the guiding star and/ or the unknowable event.

The evolution of the events in my matrix has definitely affected the way I view life in its totality and I finish with an understanding of the great gifts my events have been, are now and will be.

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Dr Teresa Lynch
Information about Dr Teresa Lynch
Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer & EMO Master Practitioner Trainer in Hillsborough, New Jersey, United States.

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