Fifth Annual ACEP Conference

ACEPยนs Fifth Annual International Conference, entitled Pioneering New Paradigms for Healing, will be held near Phoenix, AZ May 8-10, 2003 at the beautiful Wigwam Conference Resort Center. It will be a time of celebration as hundreds of energy-oriented counselors and healers gather from all parts of the world to hear keynote speakers, Nathaniel Branden, known for his books on self-esteem, David Feinstein, co-author with Donna Eden of Energy Medicine, George Goodheart, discoverer of muscle testing, and Judith Swack, well-known mind/body therapist.

In addition, there will be 48 breakout presentations, and 13 pre- and post-conference workshops from which to choose, along with many special events and activities.

Take advantage of Early Bird registration rates - the same low price as last year - by registering before January 24, 2003. You don't want to miss out on this stellar event!

For further information, visit our website, where the conference brochure is available online.


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