Finding your Rhythm โ€“ Dancing your Life

Finding your Rhythm โ€“ Dancing your Life

The movements that happen during an EMO session is encouraged and expanded on, and becomes the dance that leads you on a journey thatย increases the energy flow in your body and changes your emotions for the better. You can do Energy Dance with music or without, at home or in a hotel room, on the beach or under the stars, in five minutes or for five hours. Wherever and however you do it, itโ€˜s a great way to de-stress and re-energise in a very enjoyable way.

Finding your Rhythm โ€“ Dancing your Life

The Ancient Art of Energy Dancing

with Susann Forsberg


As you have learned and practised EMO you have probably already experienced how the body often starts to help out in the healing process. It happens naturally and intuitively as we reconnect our attention with our physicality and energy body.

The hands are showing you where blockages and shields are situated and sometimes they want to stroke an energetic injury to help it soften and flow. Your legs or arms might want to shake that old energy out of the system, your feet start stomping, your spine wriggles a bit as new energy flows are established. It may surprise you and look strange, but nevertheless this movement somehow frees the energy, frees the spirit to move through and out, and when that happens, you feel great.

In Energy Dancing we are taking this a step further.

The movements that happen during an EMO session is encouraged and expanded on, and becomes the dance that leads you on a journey that increases the energy flow in your body and changes your emotions for the better. You can do Energy Dance with music or without, at home or in a hotel room, on the beach or under the stars, in five minutes or for five hours. Wherever and however you do it, itโ€˜s a great way to de-stress and re-energise in a very enjoyable way.

You can set an intention for something you would like to heal or something you would like to bring into your life, ask a question that you want an answer to, or ask for a dance that improves your clarity or changes your grumpy mood to the better.


  • Then simply allow your energy mind and your body to come up with the movements that creates that change.

In Energy Dancing you start to listen to your own inner wisdom and move, not according to ready made postures, but to what your body tells you to do. It requires awareness and concentration of your mind upon what is going on inside of your body. With EMO we have a tool to soften and flow whenever we encounter places or emotions stuck in the body, and with the dance we have a creative way of releasing the blockages and bringing more flow into our bodies.

Energy Dancing is creative act of movement, a movement that comes from your energy mind and body wisdom. Your intention is your prayer, your movement is your words.

Energy Dancing is a dance that has soul and moves spirit, dance that transforms and heals, dance that gets you into contact with your body and the universe.


The Rediscovered Spirit of Dance

For many of us it might feel strange to get up and dance in this way.

We are used to seeing dance as something you do to look sexy on the dance floor, something you learn in a ballet school or something only a few professionals do to entertain the rest of us.

Itโ€™s a shame that dance has lost its soul and spirit in our modern culture, that it has been cut off from its healing and esoteric roots and that we no longer know how to enter into a state of healing and trance through dance.

  • In all cultures and times, dance has been used for healing and transformation.

Dance has been revered for its power to heal body, mind, and soul. It has been a way to meditate and evoke visionary experience. It has been a way to commune with spirit and nature and to allow us to discover deeper aspects of who we are as human beings.

Through Energy Dancing and other types of dance that are emerging in the west, we are now bringing the spirit back into the dance, and the dance back into the living rooms of normal people.


The Practice Of Energy Dancing

Energy Dance is not a dance that has to look a special way, there are no steps to learn, nothing to follow. It is a dance that allows your body's wisdom to speak, it is natural intuitive movements that increase energy flow though your system.

  • It is your personal dance that expresses your very spirit.

You can do it with eyes closed if that helps you concentrate on what is happening inside of you, or you can keep them open in order not to fall over something in the room.

You can do it with your favourite music, with one of Silvia Hartmann's HypnoDreams albums or the Energy Dancing CDs, or with other type of dancing music such as Gabrielle Roths music for Five Rythms. You can also try without music, just listening to the surroundings and the sounds of your body.

You can do it at home, in a tiny room, even in the bathroom, or you can do it under the stars on a beach, in the forest.

You can do it alone or together, it is always your personal dance of this very moment. Simply allow your energy mind and your body to take over and show you the movements, the postures and breaths that help you in this very moment to release that energy and get it back to flow.

Warm Up: The Beauty T Dance

As a warm up, it is great to do a dancing form of the Beauty T exercise.

Go through your body parts, giving them love, appreciation, attention and allowing them to move the way they want to move, allowing stuck energy to move as you do this.

What you are looking for is to see the beauty of every part your body. It was created by the creative order, and as such it is beautiful and perfect just the way it is, no matter what you have been told or thought through the ages.

So tell every part of you it is beautiful and beloved, and give it relevant affirmations to strengthen it.

You can say to your feet, thank you my beautiful feet for carrying me every step of the way, continue up your legs and greet your beautiful and beloved calf muscles, noticing your knees and thanking them for being so strong and flexible, feeling into your thighs and appreciating them for being so strong, making you able to kick and walk the stairs. Come up to your hips and buttocks, seeing the beauty of them, appreciating that they carry your upper body all day long, telling your genitals they are beautiful and beloved, thanking them for the pleasure they can give you. Go up your strong flexible spine, say hello to your inner organs, your stomach, chest, breasts, lower back and upper back, your arms and hands, your neck and your head and face.

Invent and improvise as you go along!

Energy Dancing for Painful Parts

After you have gone through all of your body in this way, softening and flowing what is stuck and sending love and gratitude to it, feel you whole body.

Is there any tension anywhere still, any place that needs extra attention, emotions that are stuck, an old wound you wish to heal?

If so, go there with your attention and allow that place to express itself in a dance that softens and flows the blockages held there. Relax your mind and allow the first movement to happen, whether it is a deep breath of release, a softly moving shoulder or a kicking leg. Everything is ok, there are no steps or theories to be remembered, just a letting go, as a creative expression of your spirit.

Continue for as long as you wish, for as long as the music plays or keep on dancing until you feel you have released all of that stuckness and that you are now buzzing and tingling with joy and life and new harmony.

Energy Dancing for Reality Creation

All the energies you wish for are there in the universe, they are there to be drawn into your life experience, and by using intention, movement and Energy Dancing this can be done in a beautiful and enjoyable way.

Feel into what it is you wish for yourself right now, it can be downright practical or a higher goal or quality you want to attract or achieve.

Feel what happens in your body when you do that, any tensions, any emotions, do you feel where that thing or quality is residing, inside of you or somewhere far away from you?

Ask your energy mind to move your body in ways that softens and flows the blockages you might have to receive what you wish, so that you are resonating with what you want and then can draw it into your life.

Relax your mind, allow your body to move your spirit and enjoy the ride!

Energy Dancing in Nature

It is great to Energy Dance in the nature, dancing with the stars and the ocean, the trees and birds. It is a beautiful and profound and most spiritual way to reconnect with the spirit of nature.

Just get out there, open up your senses and let the movement of the wind, the stars, the trees and the animals inspire your dance!



First published in The EMO Conference Manual 2008.

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