First workshops held in French, in Québec, Canada!

First workshops held in French, in Québec, Canada! Gisèle Bourgoin Writes: I would like to share with you my joy of having led my first Emotrance workshops, held in Québec, Canada, in French. It was the very first trainings I gave after my own training with Sandra Hillawi in New York, last spring. The trainer's training with Sandra was extraordinary and I knew from that moment that I would become an Emotrance practitioner and trainer. I worked at first with my clients in individual sessions (I am a psychologist) before organizing my first workshops...

I am so happy that the first Self help workshop held on September 26 went very well. It was a fabulous day with 10 marvellous persons. I have many things I would like to share with you. Just an example, a young lady of 30 years old came to the workshop with her mother who insisted for her coming, she was very sceptical about the technique but accepted to do the exercises. Working with another participant, she decided to work on a problem of anxiety that was always manifesting as a ball in her stomach and that she could sense most of the time (this was the exercise with the concept of money always generating anxiety for her). After the exercise, she was laughing and looking to find her “ball in her stomach”. The rest of the day, she kept asking: “Where is my ball? What have you done with it? I had it with me for so many years, it can’t be gone so easily, and so rapidly, where is it?” She is a girl with a great sense of humour, she made everybody laugh, but she was very happy at the end of the day and was eager to try this with her daughter of 3 years old and her tantrums.

Another lady who was also sceptical, but experienced with surprise very good results, accepted to translate the notebook in French. She called me back a few days after to tell me the workshop had been a great gift in her life at this moment and that the energy circulating in her system brought a new clarity in the interpretation of her dreams.

I could continue with many other examples! I gave another workshop (Self help and Practitioner) a month later, on October 31st and November 1st. It generated a bit of panic in me but I know a very good technique to work on that!!!

Six persons took the Practitioner workshop and were very happy with the results. We went further with the exercises. A friend of mine accepted to trust the process of Emotrance and decided to remove a shield related to a very heavy situation for her: the energy related to the murderer of her husband (the event took place 30 years ago). She experienced moments of panic, dizziness, nausea, but we managed to soften and flow, even if I think she went a bit too fast to remove completely the shield. It was a fascinating experience for her and all of us. She also learned in the process how much she asks of herself and is hard on herself sometimes. She feels now liberated of a big burden and says she could meet the person on the street or hear about him (he is now out of prison) without panicking or collapsing. She feels released from him and senses it in her breathing. She hopes now that her sons will accept to do Emotrance!

The photo shows you the group of the Practitioner workshop.


Gisèle Bourgoin

Emotrance trainer & Emotrance practitioner

Psychologist with 23 years of experience in private practise.

Trained in humanist-experiential psychology, transpersonal psychology, NLP and autogenic training.

Lecturer and trainer, gave many workshops during the last 20 years on topics like dream interpretation, intuition, stress management and communication.

Offers Emotrance workshops in French and is willing to travel where the workshops are asked for in the French language.

Works in French, in Québec, Qc, Canada


Locations: Québec, Quebec, Canada
  Quebec, Canada
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