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From Change To Transformation Conference Presentation Announced

From Change To Transformation Conference Presentation Announced

Sister Margarita Foley has just been confirmed as a presenter at the upcoming EMO Energy Conference this coming April. Margarita will be utilizing her considerable experience as an EMO Trainer, Relationship Consultant and Events Psychology Practitioner to help you understand how to move with change, letting it flow through your life, instead of trying to stop it, which can often leave us overwhelmed.

'From Change To Transformation & New Life With EMO' will show us how to accept change within ourselves and help us to help others with their own changes.

From Change to Transformation & New Life with EMO

Margarita Foley will lead us into experiencing for ourselves:

  • How to unlock the energy of emotions which arise when we are faced with change.
  • Ways of recognising how we respond to change
  • how our experience of change can be transformed before it becomes a ‘river in flood’
  • how EMO offers us natural and ‘easy to do’ ways of being present to the flow of our lives so that we are enabled to be with what is  and move with it in a healthy and positive way.

We are right in the middle of a period of rapid and sometimes shattering change in our personal, social and community life.  Like a river in flood which bursts its banks and destroys many of our structures we can become disorientated and lose our way. We need to take action so that we can benefit from change rather than be overwhelmed by it.

Margarita’s experience is with people who experience change through loss and bereavement, in relationships, in their communities, change in their way of life and in their work and who find that the ‘old ways’  no longer give them the needed support.
While change occurs in a variety of ways once we learn to recognize its impact and how to deal with it we are no longer in a state of helplessness and disempowerment.

As a river nourishes and gives life to everything on its banks so too change can lead to transformation which brings new life.

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Margarita Foley
Information about Margarita Foley
Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Master Practitioner, Modern Energy Tapping Professional & Modern Stress Management Professional in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland.

Margarita Foley has kindly contributed the following titles to the ๐Ÿซ GoE Library:
GoE2015 - P18 - Evolving Prayer in Project Sanctuary with Margarita Foley

GoE2015 - P18 - Evolving Prayer in Project Sanctuary with Margarita Foley

Posted Jun 22, 2015
Margarita Foleyย presenting onย Evolving Prayer in Project Sanctuary at the GoE 2015 conference. Prayer has many different connotations for each of us according to our experiences since childhood....
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The Energist - Vol 2018.5.1 - The Power of the Positives

The Energist - Vol 2018.5.1 - The Power of the Positives

Posted Feb 20, 2018
Winter 2018 edition of The Energist magazine. Available to read online on smart phones, tablets and in browsers, plus also the option to download as an Adobe PDF file for printing out at home or...
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