Frontal & Occipital Hold and EMO

Frontal & Occipital Hold and EMO

Master EMO Trainer Patricia DancingElk shares an effective way of combining EMO with theย Occipital/Frontal Lobe Hold.

Patricia writes: Most practitioners have experienced a client that has an energy that comes up for release to be so intense that the client has a mini-melt down. And, hopefully, most practitioners have a method in their pocket for handling this situation and don't leave the client in trauma.

As a Master Trainer for EFT and EMO, I have seen the effect that this has on the practitioners in training. Some go straight into healing mode and assist the client through it. Some go into panic mode and don't know what to do. That's where I come in...

I have had students that come to the course have meltdowns that are addressed. After all, isn't it usually the person wanting to learn a new modality that have the most issues to clear? That's why most people are attracted to the healing arts.

I have been a trainer for EMO for about eight years now. I love EMO and have seen it save many lives โ€“ literally. While, EMO is highly effective, there is always a way to be more efficient in what you do, right? Coaching through the softening and flowing works wonderfully. What if you could help a little more? This is one of the reasons why I absolutely love EMO; it is so easy to combine it with other therapies.

Try this one. It's called the Occipital/Frontal Lobe Hold. While the hold is being done, continue to coach them with the EMO tools. It can be done by the client or you can do it for them while they process. Now, here you go:

  • Place one hand over the forehead (Frontal Lobe)
  • Now, place the other hand on the back of the head or lower back brain (Occipital Lobe).

While they (or you) are focusing on the energy at hand, think or say "soften and flow" then "release and let go". Be aware of the sensations in your body. You will know where the energy moves to. Then follow the energy through your body "softening and flowing" until it finds an appropriate exit. Holding the frontal lobe and occipital can often act within a minute to restore a sense of calm and improve focus and attention. However it is fine to hold them for a long time and many times a day. Used in trauma response, they can be held continually. In therapy, an issue that has stress or some other form of protective response is visualized or re-experienced, while the points are held. Often after a few moments, the client will sigh, or indicate a change of state in some other way.

You can stop here, or if you continue holding the position, focusing on the original emotional energy while yet another layer may emerge, linked to the original emotion being worked with. Again after a few moments, this energy may soften and flow out. Now, bring back up the emotional energy and repeat the process until when you think about that emotional issue, it is no longer an issue or you feel invigorated instead of stressed. There have been instances of where at the end of three rounds of this the client can't even remember what the original emotional issue was. Let me know if you need help in the processing.

The description of this hold says that it is useful when stressed, confused, have head ache or need to release a strong emotion such as anger, fear... Also great for memory retrieval or while meditating on creative solutions. Hold the Frontal & Occipital Hold for a few minutes, until relief is felt, a sense of relaxation, shift or feel the pulses synchronize. Here's a full description:

How does Frontal & Occipital Hold work?

By engaging and stimulating the meridian or neurovascular reflex points (located in the front of the head), you increase vascular flow through the body thereby inducing a state of relaxation.

The Frontal Lobe is where we process our thoughts and emotions. The Occipital is where we file our past experiences and memories.

This hold helps us bring up the old stuff to be processed and released easily and efficiently.

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