Gary Craig On Discovery's Animal Planet

Gary Craig On Discovery's Animal Planet Joseph Bennette writes: My second daughter just ran into my room and yelled, โ€œDad, Mom!! Turn to the Animal Planet channel โ€“ quick! Theyโ€™re showing EFT!โ€ - Sure enough! Gary Craig is on Animal Planetโ€™s program โ€œTotal Fearโ€ in which people overcome phobias of animals. It takes Gary some time to get the guy over his fear of snakes. I love that they are showing the basics of EFT. Amazingly, the guy starts from being unable to even look at a picture of a snake (SUD 10+) to where he can get close to a rattlesnake in a terrarium โ€“ without panicking.

Good stuff, for sure.

I am watching it as Iโ€™m writing this. Gary uses EFT while moving the snake closer and closer - tapping away โ€“ and showing the snake in several different modes to elicit aspects. Itโ€™s really good โ€“ showing Gary in a very good light โ€“ unlike the show with Roger Callahan where he seemed to fail miserably.

In the Animal Planet show Gary is shown doing EFT, eliciting aspects, doing more EFT, and all the while the client is making statements like, โ€œWow! How does that work!โ€ (referring to the sudden loss of fear). After Gary works with the guy for a few hours the guy is left to do his own therapy after Gary leaves. The guy says he still has some fear but the panic is definitely gone.

The followup is also shown where the guy seems to still have some fear 2 months after his session with Gary - and he has definitely beaten his phobia โ€“ he could walk up within a few yards of a rattlesnake and not run in panic like he used to โ€“ in his words, โ€œa healthy respect now โ€“ no panic.โ€


Iโ€™m excited to see this. Very cool!

Hooray Gary!

I tell you, any person living with a phobia nowadays does so because they want to โ€“ not because they canโ€™t get rid of itโ€ฆ

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