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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 88 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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GoE2016 Energy Conference Recordings

GoE2016 Energy Conference Recordings

The GoE has just celebrated our first International Energy Conference since changing our name to the Guild of Energists and what a fabulous success it was.

The film crew that recorded the presentations have done a wonderful job and these are now available to view online for:

  • People who came to GoE2016
  • People who are coming to GoE2017 - Register Now

If you came to GoE2016 and were wondering what was happening in one of the other rooms then now is your chance!

Likewise, if next year is going to be your first GoE Energy Conference then you've got this awesome learning package to truly whet your appetite pending the main event in November 2017!

Presentations include:

  • We Love Energy! with Silvia Hartmann
  • Tap To School! – Energy EFT In The Classroom with Jacqueline Besseling
  • Coaching the Coach! with Jorge Vence
  • Awaken your Inner Storyteller with Barbara Saph
  • Harmonising & Balancing Your Chakras using EFT & I Ching And Flow with Ray Manning
  • Neuro Energetic Training – Movements Create Movements with Ilka Wandel
  • Find The Right Energy, Speak with Confidence! with Silvia King
  • MODERN Stress Management – In Just Ten Words! with Wendy Birse
  • Angel EFT for Success & Abundance! with Susan Browne
  • Creating A Fertile Mind and Body with Aisling Killoran
  • Sparkle to Success with Susan Kennard
  • Biofield – Research That Supports Energy Medicine & Healing with Thorton Streeter, DSc
  • Energy Constellations – Created by Silvia Hartmann – Presented by Ilka Wandel
  • Energy Poetry and Song with Sandra Hillawi
  • Excel At Sports – Working With Professional Athletes with Jimmy Petruzzi
  • New Aspects Model, Timelines, Essences and Homeopathy with Fiona Dilston
  • Lead Your Business Effectively, Efficiently and Profitably with Jimmy Pertuzzi
  • Creating Ongoing Mentorship for Your Students with Dr Teresa Lynch
  • Supermind with Silvia Hartmann

Instructions For Viewing Presentations

  1. Register for GoE2017, if you didn't come to GoE2016 - Register For GoE2017
  2. Goto the recordings page: GoE Conference Recordings
  3. Login by clicking the 'Login' link top right of the page. If you need a login reminder click here
  4. Click through to a presentation and click the play button to start

Any Problems?

Please first check you're logged in (your name should appear on the top-right of the page) and are using a modern browser such as Google Chrome.

If you still can't access the videos, Contact the GoE Office stating what type of computer you have, what make of browser and any version numbers you can find.

Let us know how to replicate the problem and we'll see how we can fix it for you.

About These Recordings

Our video team did a fabulous job recording and editing nineteen presentations from our inaugural Guild of Energists conference for you and also included is Adobe PDF downloads taken from the conference manual.

Of course, what is not so easy to capture from these videos is everything that happens when the cameras are not recording. That's what I love about this once-a-year live energy event that brings people from all over the world together, in one place at one time to connect, share and celebrate all aspects of bringing modern energy to the world.

And as they say, "What happens at the GoE Saturday Night Energy Party, stays at the GoE Saturday Night Energy Party." :)

With under 11 months to go, the GoE2017 conference is already a third full so I recommend getting your ticket now if you just know you have to be there!

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