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Celebrating The First Year of GoE Energy EFT Foundation

Celebrating The First Year of GoE Energy EFT Foundation

In January 2016, the GoE launched an exciting new course called Energy EFT Foundation and within a year it had already been translated into six languages with many more in the pipeline. In just that short time, over a hundred qualified GoE trainers had organised nearly two hundred events and certified several hundred graduates - in over thirty countries!

Celebrating The First Year of GoE Energy EFT Foundation...

Energy EFT Foundation
Energy EFT - A Box Of Delights

GoE Energy EFT Foundation was written and developed by Silvia Hartmann in late 2015 and she talked about it at the time as being one of the most difficult courses she had ever written. To present complex information about the fundamentals of Energy EFT in a format that is accessible to everyone is where Silvia Hartmann's genius really shines through.

Many know Silvia Hartmann as a talented writer but it was also in Energy EFT Foundation where she got to demonstrate her brilliant illustration skills through the glorious full colour manual. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then not only does that make the translators job a lot easier - but it also makes the manual easy to relate to in different languages, cultures, age groups, corporate and social environments.

Silvia Hartmann
Silvia Hartmann

Energy EFT Foundation was at the vanguard of the GoE's "Rosetta Project" whose purpose was for bringing modern energy techniques to more people in their own language. The GoE developed their own in-house community translation software that made it easy to work with different manuals in different languages. Indeed, it was remarked how the GoE Rosetta Project was similar to how the GoE came to prominence in 1998 - by taking Classic EFT protocols and providing a translation service thus slingshot the then fledgling energy technique into the non-English speaking world.

The overwhelming and positive praise from students taking this course has to be because Energy EFT Foundation is all about raising our own energy levels thus defeating stress and living our lives on the positive end of the SUE scale. Energy EFT isn't just about helping people with their emotional problems and helping to set them free from their anxiety, fears and phobias. It's more about embracing life and experiencing happiness, joy, creativity and love on tap.

With the first three course units being about learning the technique for self-help, the final unit of the course is a master stroke and a key component of this courses success! By educating and encouraging students to share the Energy EFT technique with family, friends and groups we are giving people that permission to be excited about Energy EFT - and to pass it on!

Full colour manual
Full-Colour Manual

This is, after all, how Classic EFT got to be where it is today.

As a standalone course to introduce people to modern energy, Energy EFT Foundation is second to none. But what is truly exceptional is that the GoE offers one year of comprehensive support after students receive their certificate. Through the GoE Standard Membership program, course graduates gain a host of membership benefits such as access to the vibrant member-only online community, support from head office, receive the printed magazine "The Energist", access to many GoE downloads, are qualified to attend the annual International GoE Energy Conference and are also entitled to discounts on further learning.

With membership of the GoE you are well looked after.

Full colour manual inside
Illustrated by Silvia Hartmann

In November 2016, the GoE made it compulsory for students to be qualified in Energy EFT Foundation before enrolling on the professional practitioner grade Energy EFT Master Practitioner course. What the GoE found was that many people were so excited with how they felt after an Energy EFT Foundation training that they were booking into the more advanced course straight away.

With many existing Classic EFT practitioners enquiring about joining the GoE each year, it was also decided to allow them to become GoE professional members by using Energy EFT Foundation as an access training. This allows them to be registered as EFT practitioners with the GoE, get the free website, join the vibrant support group and other unique promotional benefits.

Winning with Energy EFT

Energy EFT Foundation has made the Energy EFT technique available to more people, in more countries and in more languages than ever before. It has sparked an interest and curiosity in many people looking to practice the technique as a career and helped potentially thousands through spreading the word through friends and family.

It is truly exciting what can be achieved in just one extraordinary year for Energy EFT Foundation.

If you have yet to experience how good you feel after an Energy EFT Foundation training then signup today!

What People Say About Energy EFT Foundation

"Energy EFT Foundation has actually brought us to another level of complimentary healing and I am delighted to be one of the pioneers in Malaysia to have this certification in Energy EFT Foundation." - MK Leong, Malaysia

"I feel that Energy EFT opens a land of opportunity in front of me to become truly responsible of my life, for it provides a myriad of tools to look for solutions to problems. And I can do it easily and by myself!" - Isabel de Yzaguirre

"Interesting journey of self discovery, as it has taken me to moments of spluttering........ I tend to cough a lot when I release. For me, however, the biggest breakthrough, so far, came after I did some tapping with an extremely doubtful member of my family. She loved it :-)" - Yolanda Jane Kading

"I learned a very valuable life changing tool that has within a matter of weeks reduced my stress levels, increased energy and happiness; and the best part is it's so simple children can do it! I have suffered anxiety and panic disorder for as long as I can remember, and I truly believe that is is only a matter of time before I am cured of anxiety." - Leah Welch

"I would recommend the Energy EFT Foundation course to everyone whether they had heard of EFT or tapping or not, but especially so if they have been doing EFT of one kind or another that is removed from the energy model of working with tapping." - Glenn Turner

"Some people get more from a day like this than you could possibly even imagine. The Energy EFT Foundation course was utterly life changing for me - struggling with health issues for many years and after visiting countless doctors and alternative practitioners. I finally discovered the root cause of my intense fatigue and poor health, my energy was chronically low due to a past trauma. On the Energy EFT Foundation one-day course, I was able to release this trauma and restore the energy to my body. Since the course I have used Energy EFT with my two daughters and they love it! Ber's passion for Energy EFT shines through her presentation of Energy EFT and her compassion for the people she helps. It was the best money I spent for many years for my health and happiness and for my family's wellbeing also." - Anonymous, Psychotherapist, Cyprus

"I did my Energy EFT Foundation course last Sunday and have been tapping ever since. I am feeling like I'm 17 again." - Nicola Hogg

"I really like and appreciate the Energy EFT Foundation manual: its energy; vibrancy; sense of fun and accessibility. It is a resource I can and will use in so many ways." - Denise Jacques, England

"This was a lovely course. I feel inspired and truly energized. As an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, I really appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the exercises included in this course. I believe Energy EFT foundation is a perfect beginning for self application and sharing EFT and a wonderful enhancement for seasoned practitioners. Well done! Thank you Silvia Hartmann." - Maria LiPuma, United States

"The course content and layout are genius! Thank you Silvia Hartmann for your clear thinking and making this subject safe, approachable and immediately effective. I am going to say you are a genius Silvia this is a life saver, thank you, I might just start to believe I can have fun and be playful minus the guilt!!!!" - Jane Stredder, UK

"The foundation course was joy to experience and I am eagerly planning delivery of many more trainings of this fantastic introduction to Energy EFT." - Dave Stewart, Trainer, UK

"All in all this beautiful foundation course is a game changer for trainers and students as it makes everything so simple and easier to understand, saving time and motivating people to continue in their growth and evolution as an Energist." - Jorge Vence, Trainer, UK

"I loved the tapping on a specific place we wanted to be (ie mental holiday!) and also working on real issues in pairs. Saw transformation before my eyes with my partners!!" - Michelle Wildman, UK

"I am above and beyond a plus 10. Floating around in bliss after a fabulous day with 12 awe inspiring students teaching Energy EFT foundation. Thank you Silvia Hartmann for such a great course." - Kelly Mayne, Trainer, UK

"Energy EFT Foundation is a wonderful introduction to the joys of being energy aware, inviting people to taste from a smorgasbord of energy delights that surrounds each of us. It's a great beginning step to learning Energy EFT without necessarily having to commit to becoming a practitioner or a professional in the method. Energy EFT Foundation's beauty is that it is simple and accessible, as well as being a powerful practitioner-level tool, and this is a doorway in to learning the simplicity and potential, inspiring confidence to USE it - after all, the most powerful techniques of all are the ones that we use! :) Lastly, I'd like to mention the colour manual." Kelly Burch, Australia

"This Manual gives everyone - very young, old, normal people including Psychiatrists,Psychologists, Policemen etc etc ……… yes everyone who is interested to leave their comfort zone to understand this concept." - Lorna Firth, Trainer, Cyprus

"The first thing that struck me about this course is the manual. This is a pretty indestructible full colour manual. It has thick paper, beautiful colour illustrations, and it feels nice to the touch. You may well wonder why I think this is important. You see, the book is about improving our energy flow, which is seriously ramped up by helping the pupil feel their energy moving into a happier, calmer, and more balanced state. It is sensory, it is very clearly illustrated, which is very useful for looking up afterwards and remembering what you learned, and it has a message of loving touch. We tap with a loving touch." - Suzanne Zacharia, Trainer, London

"Many of the concepts developed later in the Energy EFT Master Practitioner are planted as seeds here, so this gives a great way to become familiar with Energy EFT before taking the step to the practitioner training, which without this step is a very intense steep learning curve as its such a comprehensive rich course. I personally love the colour manual too. It’s beautiful and shows the love that has gone into creating this course, which is set to help so many people to create energy awareness for life and to empower people with Energy EFT. I am so enjoying teaching this!!" - Sandra Hillawi, International Trainer Trainer, England

"It really does take you on a journey from stress to success with such ease and simplicity that will enable participants to bring this home with them and share with their family and friends. The manual is THE self help book that you need! The course was interactive and such fun - I think we all raised our energy quickly and by the end of the day were easy +10 ..... and extremely "ENERGISED" !!! :-) to say the least! Delivered magnificently, as always and taking us to new levels irrespective of experience levels. I'm energy is still on a high!" - Maria Chappell, Trainer

"Just received my new Energy EFT Foundation Manual. Its bright and airy and very easy to navigate through. I love all the pages so asked my magic fingers to choose a page for me and landed on pages 50 and 51 The Energy Billionaire and The Energy Holiday." - Ray Manning, Trainer, Ireland

Congratulations To The First Energy EFT Foundation Graduates!










  • Kelli¬†Ibbotson
  • Shaliza¬†Ibrahim
  • B√ľŇüra¬†ńįdigut¬†- Istanbul, Turkey
  • Elif¬†ńįlay H√ľsmen
  • Sevil¬†ńįlg√ľn¬†- Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hasan¬†Ilkay Sorucu
  • Hatice¬†Incekara
  • Anette¬†Inselberg
  • Ayca¬†Isbilir
  • F√ľsun¬†IŇüńĪk
  • Mary¬†Ita Ladden
  • Kirsten¬†Ivatts¬†- Derbyshire, England













  • Levent¬†Varlik
  • Seher¬†Varlik
  • Jorge¬†Vence¬†- Hampshire, England
  • Dilara¬†Vendik




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