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Google No. 1 Free Book On Healing Worldwide

Google No. 1 Free Book On Healing Worldwide

Following the discovery that The Enchanted World, our free introduction book on healing with energy in the EMO way was ranked as the No.1 free book on healing by Google UK, the members of the MindMillion group from around the world tested their local Googles to find out what might be the No.1 book on healing in their countries - and The Enchanted World came up trumps!


Original Message

From: Silvia Hartmann

To: MindMillion Group

I have just found to my delight and astonishment that Google UK has ranked The Enchanted World as the No.1 "free book on healing" - out of 37,500,000 web entries. This is an extraordinary achievement and a testimonial to how popular this ebook is, as lots of people must be linking to it to achieve that ranking.

I wrote and illustrated it to be exactly that - a free book for anyone at all who wants to know more about energy and how it really works to read, no royalties, just a contribution. I can't tell you how pleased I am! But the UK is one thing. What about the rest of the English speaking world?

Would you do me a favour and run that search, see where or if it turns up in your country?

Thanks in advance, guys!


Hi Silvia,

I tried it also and in the Netherlands it also is on Nr 1!



Dear Silvia,

Following is the result of search.
Rank : 3

I am from Turkey

Free e book on healing - mind healing, energy healing,
healing the ...The Enchanted World contains concise
information and techniques "in a nutshell". ... The
Enchanted World is one book you will want to read
again, and again! ...

Önbellek - Benzer sayfalar


Hi Silvia,

Greetings from Google Brazil where you are right at the top - NR. 1 !!!


Link works.
Actually it shows like: Free e book on healing

Andrej Vasle


I performed searches on Google Canada and Google USA (using a proxy

I always found "The Enchanted World" on the first page, respectively in second and first position.


Michel de Vos


Hi Silvia

I live in Melbourne Australia. The Enchanted World comes in at number one! As it should! The link works.




Hi Silvia,

I live in Connecticut, USA, and it was number one on the page.

- Joe Wadsworth


Hi, Silvia

I'm pleased to report that The Enchanted World is No.1 in Australia.
Top website on the front page. :)

Bob Collier


Hello Silvia

The Enchented World are first and second with:


While is thirteenth with:


from Florence, Italy


Hi, Silvia!

I live in Denmark and your free healing book is No.1 at the top of the searchlist.

Kind regards from Lene



Hi Silvia,

The Enchanted World comes up numbers 1 and 2 on the Google search - congrats!

And each link was active.

I live in TN in the US.

Happy to help out waves from across the ocean,


Hello there!

Happy to report that the fantastic Enchanted World is also No. 1 in Germany.

Congratulations and a good job!

Helmut Strake


Hiero here from Japan. It is No. 1 here. For "book on healing" and "free book on healing." So good to see!


free book on healing on Google UK, August 2006

Screenshot August 2006, showing The Enchanted World at No.1 of 37,500,00 entries for "free book on healing".

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