Happy 12th Birthday GOE!

Happy 12th Birthday GOE!

On the 2nd December 1998, exactly 12 years to the day, founders Chrissie Hardisty and Silvia Hartmann launched The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies to be the worlds first licensing body for the then emergent fields of EFT & Energy Psychology.

On November 15th the membership voted that The GoE becomes a Learned Society from January 1st, 2011.

Since then, thousands of people across the globe have attained the respected Meridian Energy Therapy Practitioner qualification, attended a live conference or just delved a bit deeper into the therapies we cover via the archives on the website https://goe.ac/.

Energised by the tremendous success of the recent 2010 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference, big changes are underway at The AMT. The membership voted unanimously that from the 1st January 2011, the association will take the next step in its evolution to become a Learned Society dedicated to setting the standards and promoting excellence in EFT and other meridian energy therapies.

With public education and support of members always at the forefront of our activities we very much look forward to re-launching the website http://TheAMT.com, which in the past 12 years has mushroomed to over 12,000 pages of searchable content. The new redesign will make finding an EFT or meridian therapist in your area quicker and easier than it has ever been before.

The GoE will also begin accepting Associate Members looking to join the association, but whom havenโ€™t attended a certified GoE training. Alongside offering membership benefits this will also be suitable for retired GoE members who no longer see clients.

We look forward to the big re-launch on 1st January 2011, so in the meantime...

...Happy Birthday The AMT!

Best wishes,

Alex Kent
AMT Admin




AMT Meeting Votes To Become Learned Society

Members voted unanimously yes to the proposal that TheAMT should become a Learned Society.

The purpose of this learned society is to investigate the theory that human beings have indeed an energy body.

This energy body remains essentially uncharted at this time, and much of its functioning and effects on human thought, behaviour, health, creativity, self expression, growth and development remains unexplored.

The GoE was formed to create a scientific and logical approach to research into the effects of the human energy body whilst remaining open to the possibility that the human energy body may not actually exist at all, but could be a metaphor that seems particularly well suited to both explain as well as to change many aspects of the human condition; or indeed something else altogether that has yet to be defined, explained and explored, and which, if discovered, would explain the effects which we are currently theoretically attributing to "the human energy body".

The GoE is a Learned Society dedicated to research into methods, techniques and approaches to chart and work with the spectrum of human, thought, behaviour, health, growth and development with the purpose of eventually being able to produce a modern map that shows the correlation between the energy body and its systems and the effects it has on the human condition.

There are innumerable unanswered questions about human beings, their processes, and the possibility of there being invisible and at present, immeasurable systems that influence a human being's functioning.

We cannot learn more unless we engage in collecting experience in working with particular techniques, methods and approaches specifically designed to help us formulate new questions, create new theories, and test these theories rigorously using an inclusive evidence procedure.

Working and researching in the context of The Energy Paradigm is a human endeavour, firstly and foremostly. Methods, techniques and approaches are offered to human beings to test under many different circumstances, in many different environments, and with many different individuals from different backgrounds in the global environment.

With the feedback of many human beings alive today, it is hoped that not only methods, strategies, techniques and approaches that have a real and measurable effect on people can be discovered and tested, but also that eventually, the common denominators may be extracted, extrapolated, and a new theory for the field may be developed, which is logical, solid, provable and fully documented. Further, this new theory has to mesh with and work with all the other real advances in understanding and 21st Century science to become a integral and contributing aspect of our developing understanding of the human condition in the context of the world and the universe in which live.

To this end, the members of the Learned Society will be conducting original research, collecting data following the inclusive evidence procedure, engaging in peer review and debate, publishing their findings in a quarterly journal, and presenting new insights, discoveries, directions as well as new questions that have arisen in the course of the research during the annual conference.

The GoE will be riguorously adhering to the inclusive evidence procedure and refrain from making a declaration about the original and founding theory, namely that human beings have indeed, an energy bdoy which affect human thought, behaviour, health, growth and development, until such time as enough evidence and data has been collected for a clear, precise and logical theory to have emerged that may stand all tests and challenges, from within the field as well as from outside of this particular field, and which meshes with the discoveries and practices of the other human sciences in principle.

For as long as there have been human societies and their records found, the existence of a human energy body as been proposed, regardless of the level of technology inherent in those societies, and regardless of their geographic locations, compositions, or levels of societal, moral and/or technological development.

This proposal has not ceased in the age of science; in the contrary, one might say that it is stronger now than it ever was, with individuals moving in the direction of this theory one at a time, and out of free will rather than societal entrainment.

This tells us that here is something that is worthy of full investigation; something that is important to know more about; something essentially human that crosses all boundaries of age, race, society, upbringing, time and space.

We believe that full, rigourous and scientific investigation into the proposed existence of the human energy body is an essential part to move forward not just an isolated field of science, but to help us understand more about what it really means to be a human being at the baseline, and by design.

This is a very exciting and very challenging field of research both at the same time as we are dealing with causes and effects that are complex and essentially unknown and unproven; however, it is the inordinate potential inherent in our enquiry for all people that makes undertaking the task of true scientific enquiry into this area not just necessary, but potentially even vital for the future of humanity at large.

Silvia Hartmann
November 15th, 2010

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