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Healing For Enlightenment

Healing For Enlightenment

The prophets from all religions over the ages have stated that if human beings were to become enlightened, there would be much less misery in the world and humans would be living together in a very different way, experiencing far more joy and having richer, more fulfilled lives.

But how can we attain enlightenment? What if human beings were built for enlightenment in the first place, and it was only a question of healing?

There are two schools of thought.

One hold that human beings are born like animals, "bad" and need to be brought to enlightenment by rigourous retraining and much abuse. This world view is what is action in the major world religions and if we look at how many truly enlightened beings this has produced over the last 2,000 years, one might say that either their training methods are seriously flawed, or the presupposition upon which it all rests is simply wrong.

There is another school of thought, and this is the one I subscribe to.

In this world view, the great Creative Order created human beings according to its own laws, as all things are. Human beings are conceived in perfection, and this perfection includes natural enlightenment by right of design. Then human society does something to this natural perfection and breaks it, disturbs it, causes injuries, blockages, wounds and it is this imperfection that is the reason that not more people are more enlightened.

I propose the idea that in order to attain enlightenment healing is required.

Healing instead of ritual, or further "training" or doing or thinking anything harder, or different, or for longer; healing instead of finding a mysterious secret that is hidden from the ordinary men and women; healing instead of labour, deprivation and pain.

But what is it then that needs healing so that people can re-cover their natural abilities to be enlightened?

Is it the body that was forced to do strange and unnatural things?

Is it the mind that was forced to think strange and unnatural thoughts?

Or is it the spirit, the energy system, that has been mistreated through ignorance and more ignorance all the days and nights of a person's life?

The clue is in the word en"light"enment.

Light is another word for energy, for chi, for prana, for spirit - there have been many words over the millennia, in each and every human civilisation that ever existed, to describe something invisible yet entirely real, something that some can feel and others cannot, or won't admit they do.

There is a level of reality where all is made from "light" - or from energy as we say these days.

There is a level of reality where human beings have an energy body, and this energy body "lives in the light" - it is a part of those energy levels, designed to function there, and our connection to those other levels of reality which make the world complete.

Enlightenment is nothing more and nothing less than to consciously recover that connection, to become consciously aware of what is going on at the energy levels once again; as soon as that happens, the world becomes a different place, and what we do as a result, what we think, how we feel, and how we act changes as well.

  • It is my assertion that when we heal our own energy bodies of their multiple injuries and become consciously aware of our own energy bodies again, enlightenment must follow as surely as day will follow night.

In the past it was so that certain exercises were prescribed for everyone who wanted to find enlightenment. Like entering a school class and everyone, no matter who they are, no matter where they came from or what their previous experiences of states of health may have been, they now all have to learn the same songs, learn the same poems by heart, do the same physical exercises - one shoe fits all.

The fact is that one shoe does not fit all, and it may be so when it comes to the amazingly personalised energy body that there is no one shoe which fits anyone perfectly at all - unless it was custom made for this one person in the first place.

Every person has a unique energy system, and by healing this one unique energy system and getting it to work as best it can is the straight pathway for one individual to find their enlightenment.

And here's the good news.

Energy healing is natural and easy - it really is just a matter of attention and application of suitable energy forms to the problem.

And to find or diagnose the problem is even easier still. All you have to do is to ask about emotional pain, emotional injuries, and emotional damage, and where that hurts in the body today. People can point to exactly where it hurts when their heart was broken, when they were stabbed in the back, overburdened by responsibility, where words stuck in their throats and bad news made them feel as though they had been punched in the stomach.

Human emotions are the feedback mechanisms that tell us where damage exists in the energy system through the medium of negative and painful emotions.

Conversely, when such injuries in the energy body have been healed and the energy flow is improved, people feel good emotions instead - joy, ecstacy, happiness and love.

Which brings us back to the idea that enlightenment is achievable simply by healing - the experience of unconditional love arises naturally when existing pain has been healed, and unconditional love is held to be the hallmark of an enlightened human being.

So here is what I'd like you to take away from this brief article.

Please consider that the idea of enlightenment is correct. We really should seek enlightenment because I believe that it is our natural state as human beings to be enlightened.

I do not believe that we have to drill, train or study anything else to attain enlightenment, but that it is only achieved by healing, by paying attention to the energy body and making sure it works correctly, that is it healthy. When this begins to happen, the first signs of enlightenment come into being.

Our emotions are the guide to where our energy body is hurt or injured, and exactly where healing is required. Heal that which hurts so you start to feel better, and you're on the right way towards enlightenment.

All people have the potential for enlightenment and if their systems are healed and working correctly, enlightenment happens automatically and free of charge.

Enlightenment may not be the cure for all ills, but it does give a person a totally different perspective on all their ills. Many "ills" whatever they may be, simply disappear, and what's left can be dealt with in a new and surprising way.

Enlightenment is worth seeking. And it is in my opinion a sign of the extraordinary grace of the Creative Order that in order to get to enlightenment, we have set goals of joy, happiness and being far more than just free from pain - the way to enlightenment is as enlightenment itself - follow the path of joy, and of love.

So that's the message to all energy healers out there.

Every energy healing you do with a person, you are assisting in their enlightenment, even if they only sought help for x, y or y. And it is in the enlightenment itself that the solution to all that person's problems truly lie.

Healing the energy system is a service like no other and goes way beyond symptom removal and into the wider realms of awesome lives and potentially, awesome afterlives as well.

Gorgeous rainbow curtains of many energy frequencies to all energy healers, wherever you are in the world,

Silvia Hartmann

Author, EMO: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love

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