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Healing Hands Massage

Healing Hands Massage

How to find your healing hands, switch on your healing hands and how to give and receive a healing hands massage - a wonderful tonic for mind, body and spirit!


Healing Hands Massage

How To Give A Healing Hands Massage

by Silvia Hartmann

Where Are My Healing Hands?! - "Switching On" Your Healing Hands - Self Healing Hands! - Giving Yourself A Healing Hands Massage - Giving Someone Else A Healing Hands Massage - Combining A Physical Massage With A Healing Hands Massage - Practice Your Healing Hands Massage!


Where Are My Healing Hands?!

Healing Hands are the "hands of spirit" - your energy body or energy person has energy hands, and these healing hands of energy have the power to TOUCH the energy system of your own energy body, and that of other people.

Just as your flesh-and-bone hands can massage away hard blockages in muscles and cause a sigh of relaxation, your hands of spirit can massage away blockages in the energy system.

Blockages in the energy system, injuries and disturbances there lead firstly, to EMOTIONAL PAIN - that is the way our spirit person tells us when something is wrong.

When a person says, "I feel I have the weight of the world on my shoulders," for example, they are talking about a REAL FEELING of pressure on their neck and shoulders.

That is indicative of an energy blockage - the energy can't get in and so it is pushing, creating the very real sensation of a weight pressing down.

People have pressures on their heads, pains in their heart, weights in their legs and so much more beside, and all of that can't be cured with physical pushing but it needs your healing hands of energy to do the work.


"Switching On" Your Healing Hands

If you want to pick up a cup, you have to tell your hand to go and do that. If you don't, the hand will just hang there and do absolutely nothing.

That's the same with our healing hands of energy - unless you consciously switch them on and give them permission to go to work, they too will hang like the forgotten wings of an angel and nothing is happening at all.

So for a first simple exercise in switching on your energy hands which will do the energy healing when it comes to it, just for a moment now close your eyes and focus on your hands. Feel the sensations of your physical hands, you can rub them together lightly to remind yourself what that is like.

Now, widen your awareness and ask that your hands of energy should come into alignment with your physical hands, that they should be together and present at the same time, and that all the movements and intentions of your physical hands also translate into the movements of your healing hands - that both should come together now and act as one on this occasion.


Self Healing Hands!

Take a deep breath and put your awareness in your body, where your body is telling you that there are "feelings" that seem to have no physical origin.

For example, you might experience a tightness in the throat or in the jaw, but there is no-one and nothing in ACTUALITY who is wrapping their hands around your neck or holding on to your head - that's a "spirit sensation" that's telling us exactly WHERE we need to put our spirit hands to accomplish the healing.

Now, place your healing hands - the physical hands and the spirit hands together - on that place where you have these spirit sensations, close your eyes and make a healing intention.

Simply think to yourself, "Healing hands of mine, you are of energy, you know what to do, these are your realms, please heal this, heal it now, restore this system to the Even Flow as it was designed to be."

Take feedback from the sensations and keep focussed on healing, on putting now to rights what once went wrong, and trusting in the knowledge that your own healing hands of energy WILL know exactly what to do - all YOU have to do is to keep the intention steady.


Giving Yourself A Healing Hands Massage

This is a fantastic way to practice with your healing hands of energy; to learn what you are doing and what it feels like when old energy blockages begin to release, start to soften and to flow away, and the pressure recedes and you are feeling better, so much lighter and that's such a wonderful relief.

It is also your incentive to do this often, do more of it; and very importantly, to become AWARE of your own "sensations of the spirit", so you can take action right away and you don't have to spend 30 years in emotional misery just because someone told you they don't love you anymore!

Remember to keep your focus on touching the energy system, your energy person, and that's somebody who has been neglected for a long time and who really HUNGERS for the love, the attention and the ENERGY your own healing hands can bring to them.


Giving Someone Else A Healing Hands Massage

A healing hands massage is by definition, a massage for the energy person. As you are not physically digging deep into someone's structure, this can be done by ANYONE AT ALL and you don't need ANY training for it at all - you just need to have your heart in the right place, and to WANT to help the spirit person of the person you will be touching.

Keep repeating to yourself as you let your healing hands lead the way that you simply want to restore the Even Flow, simply put things to rights - that's what healing is all about, and it's a wonderful thing for the recipient indeed.

If you wanted to, you could ask the person where it hurts the most; where the greatest "injuries of the spirit person" are located in their bodies; this is a wonderful thing to do and it also relieves you of the responsibility to "try and guess" what might be wrong.

For a healing hands massage, a person does not have to take their clothes off, nor do they have to lie down (although they can if that's what you or they want), because the energy person who is being treated exists on a non-physical level where clothes aren't a hindrance - your energy hands can reach them easily enough.

You don't even have to physically TOUCH the person to perform the healing hands massage; this is particularly valuable for sex abuse survivors, but also for many others who are scared or had very bad experiences with being touched.


Combining A Physical Massage With A Healing Hands Massage

For trained massage therapists, adding the FANTASTIC dimension of the healing hands at the same time as doing the normal physical massage is really nothing short of a revelation.

Here, you are combining the best of both worlds, and you are performing a ceremony of re-connection that is awesome in its power - and both for the massage therapist, as well as for the client.

See, when we have our healing hands and our physical hands in the same place and aligned in the intention to soothe and to heal, to restore the Even Flow BOTH in body AS WELL AS in the spirit, we're finally doing something very right, and something should have ALWAYS been like that to start with.

For the client, to have their spirit and their body called to the same place, at the same time, is - well it's awesome. It is what so many people have been waiting for for SO long. It is something they might have NEVER experienced outside of a sexual relationship and they might have thought that that's the ONLY place you can feel so - BELOVED, so WHOLE, so HAPPY.

But that's how we should feel like all the time and as a matter of course! We should be walking around being there, our hands and bodies and our energy mind and all of us IN THE SAME PLACE, AT THE SAME TIME.

When that happens, that's happiness - that's the beginning of a REAL life for any human being at all.

It is an incredible thing, and any massage therapist who has the will to "help brighten spirits" can do so - simply for the asking, for the attention, for the knowledge about the workings of their own healing hands and without ever having to say a word about it to the client if they don't want to.


Practice Your Healing Hands Massage!

In the "healing hands massage", more than in any other form of human interaction, there exists the REAL convergence of the body, the mind (will) and the spirit, to bring that about, and easily so, joyfully so.

This is truly extraordinary healing, and I wish that EVERYONE would have the chance to experience this for themselves - as a healer, and as a one who receives the healing hands massage.

ย Silvia Hartmann, Creator, EMO Energy Healing, 2005

Where Are My Healing Hands?! - "Switching On" Your Healing Hands - Self Healing Hands! - Giving Yourself A Healing Hands Massage - Giving Someone Else A Healing Hands Massage - Combining A Physical Massage With A Healing Hands Massage - Practice Your Healing Hands Massage!

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