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Healing Relationship Troubles with EMO by Proxy

Healing Relationship Troubles with EMO by Proxy

EMO Trainer Patricia Dancing-Elk writes: "During the workshops and EMO Meetups that I have facilitated I have seen a growing need for healing in relationships.ย  EMO is the perfect tool for working with conflict, whether it is your co-workers, parents, children, friends, spouse, etc.ย  Working with proxy is also a fantastic tool for expanding your intuitive skills.

Let me give you some short examples/case histories..."

1. Shirley/father - Shirley's father was no longer able to care for himself and moved in with her family.ย  His need to control everything through criticism and disruption was really frustrating her.ย  I asked if she was willing to proxy him.ย  As I coached Shirley on being the proxy for her father, I was led in different directions then I normally would have taken in a proxy situation.

It became clear that his need to be controlling was out of his fear of losing his independence and status as the "father" and caretaker.ย  And, as Shirley proxied her father she gained new insight into his pain and emotional distress.

As a result, Shirley's frustration and resentment of her father's control was replaced with empathy and understanding.ย  And, as a result of the proxy work, her father was much calmer and happy.

2. Lea/daughter - Lea had called me for an introduction to EMO.ย  When I asked what she wanted to work on she said that her relationship with her daughter was under strain right now.

The daughter (a teenager) was really angry because she was grounded for not doing her work at home.ย  I asked the mother if she was willing to be a proxy for her daughter and she agreed.

After the second go round of the exercise, she reported that her daughter had come and curled up in the chair with her and she was going to go and spend some time with her now.

When I talked with her later she commented on how amazed she was at the speed at which her daughter had gone from angry teenager to wanting to hug and talk.

3. Debra/mother - Debra had come back to Texas and was temporarily living with her mother.ย  She complained that her mother was so negative all the time and that the energy in the house was so dark and unsettling that she couldn't stand to be there and never got any rest.

I asked if she would try an experiment with me and had her proxy her mother.ย  During the proxy we worked on her mother's resentment of her husband dying and leaving her in financial distress.

We also worked on her mother's fear of her losing her home because of the finances.ย  After a few days Debra reported that when she got home that her mother was so calm and the energy in the house was so much better.

In working with the technique of proxy, not only are they assisting the other person to heal by relieving the energy blockage for them so that they can make better decisions, they are also helping themselves to remove their own emotional energy blockages in relationship to the person and situation in the process.ย  How fantastic is that!

There is so much more to learn and so much more that you can do for yourself and offer your clients.ย  I strongly encourage you to take the next step in your training.

Patricia DancingElk
EMO Trainer


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