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Healing Relationships with ZeroPoint

Here is a very simple three step process that quickly heals all of the anger, judgment, criticism, blame, shame, guilt, resentment, fear and unforgiveness that we feel toward anyone including ourselves, whether that person is an abuser from our past, or a relative or someone we work with and see every day.

For the past 2000 years the Christian ideal, to say nothing of the other major religions, has been focused on forgiving our enemies. And, as we all know forgiving those who do us harm or even forgiving ourselves for real or imagined offenses often proves to be very difficult. But, without true forgiveness there can be no lasting healing.

Someone once wrote that to hold anything less than love in your heart towards anyone is to diminish the love that you can express towards everyone. And this includes you.

What follows is a very simple three step process that quickly heals all of the anger, judgment, criticism, blame, shame, guilt, resentment, fear and unforgiveness that we feel toward anyone including ourselves, whether that person is an abuser from our past, or a relative or someone we work with and see every day.

I know it works because I’ve used it both on myself and with a number of other people and so far I’ve seen amazing results. I’ve seen husbands begin to treat their wives with love and respect. I’ve seen teenagers turn away from anger and rebellion. I’ve seen seemingly hard hearted people spontaneously open up and begin talking with those they had refused to talk to due to an intended slight.

If we are to achieve true peace on our planet, it will happen one person at a time, one heart at a time. If you seriously wish to become more peaceful, more loving, more open to the possibilities that love can bring into your life, then please try this simple little exercise.

Because relationships are the single most important aspect of our lives, I wish to relate two stories on how clearing specific relationship patterns can impact people's lives in a positive and lasting way.

My twin sister and I have always clashed. She’s my sister and I love her, but put us together in a room and within 5 minutes we’ll be at each other’s throats. Seemingly she can push my buttons faster and deeper than anyone I know. Perhaps you know someone like this.

After working with others on similar issues, I decided to take my own advice and clear my relationship with my sister. I went step by step through the process you’ll read below until I felt peaceful when I thought of her. Just to make certain I missed nothing, I went through each step a second time. It took me less than 20 minutes in total.

The next day my sister called me on the phone. We spoke for more than an hour and not once was I triggered and neither was she. She seemed like a completely different person. Calm, rational and what's most amazing, she even seemed to have a sense of humor. I was amazed, I had never noticed that in her before.

For the very first time in my life I started to believe that I might actually begin to enjoy my relationship with her. Rather than being an onerous chore, it seemed that we no longer triggered each other. Wow. We've spoken many times since then and I have yet to be triggered or upset by her in the slightest way.

The second story I wish to relate is about a friend of mine. He related that his girlfriend was having a great deal of difficulty with her teenage daughter. The daughter, a follower of Marilyn Manson, was constantly angry and was becoming physically abusive towards the mother. The mother was literally exhausted with the effort of trying to help this child, hold down a regular job and see to the needs of her other children. My friend was feeling a strong need to help the mother but didn't know how to do it. He was feeling angry and resentful toward the daughter for causing so much difficulty. He was also feeling increasing strain in his relationship with the mother. Not a good situation at all...

Remembering my own experience with my sister, I guided him through the clearing process twice. First clearing his relationship with the daughter, and then his relationship with the mother. Before I begin I always get a SUD (Subjective Unit of Discomfort) from the client on the pattern being cleared. In this instance my friends SUD was a 10. He was very upset.

After clearing both relationships his SUD dropped to 0 and he spontaneously began to speak insightfully and dispassionately about the entire situation. We were both pleased with the result. That was Friday afternoon.

On the following Wednesday I did my usual follow up. My friend related how his girlfriend's daughter was "a changed person", and that her angry attitude had "just vanished". I smiled to myself thinking that in removing the anger and resentment in my friends heart, we also cleared the corresponding anger and resentment in the young girls heart as well. We are truly all connected…

The process I’ve developed is called the ZeroPoint Matrix. It consists of a simple instruction or program that you read into your subconscious mind and a cue word that activates that program. The program is simplicity itself…

“I hereby set a powerful intention within you my subconscious mind, to effect the best of all possible outcomes by this clearing, and that each time I notice a pattern or patterns I wish to eliminate, as I say or think my cue word, you will eliminate all such patterns and components of patterns completely and safely.”

Now, to choose a cue word, please refer to the following and select a word or phrase that appeals to you.

Shazam...Freedom...Just do it...Peace... Make it so...I’m Free...Delete...Soleil...Aum

Now, lets focus on someone you know you have difficulties with. Perhaps it’s your boss, or your wife or your husband or even your mother or father. Just read the following 3 lines to yourself and repeat your cue word at the end of each line just like you’re saying a mantra. BTW, it is very relaxing to do this exercise so you may wish to take time to rest when you’ve finished.

I clear all of the ways that I feel anything less than love for (name of person).

I clear all of the patterns* connected to all of those ways.

I clear all of the emotions** connected to all of those patterns.

Now, pay attention to how you feel about that person. If you don’t feel completely peaceful, go through each step again. My experience indicates that your relationship with the person you worked on will have become much easier. You will even notice that they will treat you differently. Again, there are unspoken lines of communication between people and when we clear away the debris of resentment, fear and/or unforgiveness; we create possibilities for love and mutual respect. And isn’t that what life is truly about?

Use this simple exercise for every person in your life and your life will literally be transformed, just as mine has been.

*A pattern is a set of automatic emotional responses to a given situation. If, for example, you become angry and resentful when someone implies that you are being selfish, then each time someone pushes that particular button, you will likely respond by becoming upset.

**Clearing all emotions also clears any anger, judgment, criticism, blame, shame, resentment, guilt, fear and unforgiveness toward yourself, others and God that may be connected to those patterns as well.

About The Author: Grant Connolly is a Toronto area Certified Hypnotherapist and creator of the ZeroPoint Matrix system of Energy healing. Although new, ZeroPoint is being used by an increasing number of people both in the healing professions and privately. To learn more about this simple effective technique, you are invited to join the SharingZeroPoint group at Yahoo.com or visit his website at www.grantconnolly.com.
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