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Helping Anxious Animals Relax

Helping Anxious Animals Relax

EMO Trainer Susan King writes: Until I learned EMO, I didn't have an easy yet powerful technique to teach people that allowed them to transform the emotions that can lead to making their animals more stressed and anxious.

Read on to find out how EMO has helped Susan with her work with both animals & humans.

My dog, Petunia, just like many other dogs, is not a happy camper during thunderstorms.

Through massage and energy work, I've been able to help alleviate her anxieties and fears so that most storms no longer bother her.

But, the other night, we had a very strong thunderstorm with high winds and heavy rain where the thunder sounded like it was right over our house. Though Petunia wasn't shaking and acting as nervous as she used to, she was getting anxious.

So, I decided to employ EMO to help her relax.

As I advise my clients, I first ensured I was calm and relaxed and then I worked with Petunia. Even though the storm was still raging outside, within minutes Petunia was calm, relaxed, and ready to fall asleep.

I have been in practice for over 6 years and routinely work with anxious animals, some of which are picking up on the anxiety, stress, anger, and fear of their Guardians.

Whenever I teach a massage workshop, I always tell the people to only massage their companions if they, themselves, are calm and relaxed first. Brave fronts that fool people don't fool animals, anyone who works with horses can attest to that.

Until I learned EMO, I didn't have an easy yet powerful technique to teach people that allowed them to transform the emotions that can lead to making their animals more stressed and anxious.

Now, when I work with an animal exhibiting stress and anxiety, I also work with their humans. Through learning the basic EMO technique and applying it in situations where they and/or their animal companion are stressed, they can alleviate the situation and help to keep their companion anxiety-free, thus ending the cycle of the person getting stressed because their animal is stressed which causes the animal to be more stressed, etc., or vice versa.

Just imagine how wonderful life would be if your animal companion was able to remain relaxed during stressful situations such as during veterinary exams – I know your Veterinarian would be overjoyed.

Since learning EMO, I've been incorporating this powerful energy modality into healing sessions with animals and including the Guardians. I have received great feedback from many of these people telling me how their animals have improved and what a wonderful feeling to know they have been able to help in the healing process.

Some of the issues I have worked with so far with EMO and have seen improvement include separation anxiety, thunder-phobia, aggression towards men, and fear of strangers, though the list doesn't end there.

With EMO, you can set up a healing partnership with your animal companions. Transform the fears, anxieties, anger, or stress from yourself first and then help your companions do the same.

Animals enjoy helping people heal and it comes naturally to them, so now you can make it a two way street. The end result is not only a much healthier and happier you but also a much healthier and happier animal.

Susan King, EMO Practitioner & Trainer

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