Helping Our Animal Friends Presentation Announced

Helping Our Animal Friends Presentation Announced

Hannah Bradley, our youngest Advanced Practitioner of EMO, will be presenting 'Helping Our Animal Friends' at the 2010 EMO Energy Conference. The presentation will cover EMO for animals, EMO with animals and EMO by animals.

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Animal Energy is definitely a topic of conversation, for example Caesar Milan- the Dog Whisperer, is constantly referring to the energy of a pack of dogs and the energy dynamics between pack leaders and followers.  Even in the more public sectors, Veterinary Practices and Shops will often have signs in the window advertising Animal Healers.  Have you ever considered expanding your business in this way?  As the public becomes more energy aware it is definitely a worthwhile door to open and it could be your name on one of those signs.

The session will cover:

  • EMO with Animals -- Looking into improving a relationship with an animal be it your pet, another person’s pet or just an animal that you generally have a fear of.
  • EMO for Animals -- Learning how to use the proxy healing exercise to help to heal and understand an animal’s energy system.
  • EMO by Animals -- Exploring the energy dynamics between people and animals, and how this can be used to help clear energetic blocks in the system.

Information as to how these techniques can be used to enhance your current business.

Full details of these exercises will be included in the Conference Manual

Hannah Bradley is an Advanced EMO Practitioner and Love and Relationship Consultant, the youngest person in the world to be so highly qualified in EMO.  Hannah has taken this knowledge into the area of helping people improve their relationship with animals. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in the subject, with some case studies to make the exercises really come to life.

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Hannah Bradley
Information about Hannah Bradley
EMO Advanced Practitioner, EMO Practitioner & Modern Energy Tapping Professional in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England.

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