Helping Resolve Adoption Traumas With EFT

Helping Resolve Adoption Traumas With EFT Baya Salmon-Hawk Writes: I wrote this up because it was a very swift resolution of a deep trauma that happened to a new born baby. This is a good illustration of how EFT can work when we have no idea how to proceed. Getting the client to tap on whatever the physical symptom is whilst relaxing and announcing the attention of allowing whatever needs to come to the surface come can bring the most astonishing results. I had no idea that a baby could make this sort of decision and yet it had!

Rebecca came to see me suffering from anxiety and a very bad back that was not responding to treatment. She has received EFT treatment in the past for panic attacks and this had been successful.

She told me that she had been adopted at birth, was very happily settled in her adoptive family but had lately decided to search for her birth mother, found her and that she was coming to visit in six weeks time. Her feelings of anxiety and panic had started then.

She felt her bad back was due to an energy block and we started tapping on โ€œEven though, I have a bad back and I don't know why, and I think its psychological pain, but I have no idea what it could be, I fully and completely accept myselfโ€. When I work in this way, I suggest to my clients that they let their minds relax and wonder as they are doing the tapping to see if any image, feeling, memory or insight comes to mind.

After a couple of rounds of tapping, Rebecca said, โ€œit's to do with the baby I once wasโ€. We then tapped on โ€œit's to do with the baby but we don't know what it is and are open to suggestion and ideas if the baby wants to communicate with usโ€. This can be done when working with pre verbal issues. The client often says they remember what the baby felt at the time.

Again, after a couple of rounds, Rebecca said โ€œThe baby is upset because she has lost her motherโ€. After further enquiry using EFT still, she discovered that when she had been given up for adoption by her birth mother, she had decided in her mind that it was the other way round, somehow, she had given up her mother. This seemed to make the whole trauma more bearable, this often happens when children are confronted with incomprehensible happenings in their life. The only way they can make sense of things is to take responsibility for them. Once Rebecca had discovered this, she felt her back relax immediately and her anxiety lifted. Still using EFT, Rebecca tapped on the baby's feelings at the time and allowed them to flow.

At the end of the session, Rebecca said she felt much lighter and happier. She emailed me several weeks later and said โ€œJust a quick note to tell you that everything was amazing with my birth mum. We all had the most fantastic 2 weeks and I was so sad to see her leave. It wasn't too overwhelming-although it was a bit emotional for the first couple of days- everything felt very easy and natural. Thank you so much for all your help- it made a real difference.โ€

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