How To Create A Shortcut Custom Algorithm

Silvia Hartmann writes: For problems that have a habit of re-curring or being triggered by the environment repeatedly, as is the case with addictions and sometimes allergies, or problems that have been around for a long time and have an "entrainment aspect", using shortened sequences of special points (or algorithms) can be very useful as they are more specific to the problem, as well as being quicker to do than a full round of EFT for example. Here's how to make a "personalised custom algorithm".

Making a Custom Algorithm

1. Think of or state out loud what it's going to be for (insomnia, depression, general miserableness etc).

2. Find some form of self kinesiology testing. Pendulum, muscle test etc. Calibrate for a "yes - no" or "strong - weak" response.

3. Touch in turn all of the points you wish to include with one finger and test them with the other hand.
a) if it tests yes or strong, move on.
b) if it tests no or weak, write down the point or remember it.

4. When you have all the relevant points, ask, should this be treated first? and go thru only the relevant ones you found in 3) until you got the first point of your custom sequence.

5. Repeat until you have established the correct order and sequence.

If you want a custom algorithm for something that troubles you regularly and often, you might also like to have a "one point stop point" or "emergency stop point".


6) Touch your sequence points one after the other with the question, if I want to use only one, is this the one? to discover which one that is.

This, btw, is one of the many, many goodies one would learn if one was to take an GoE Practitioner Certification training.

It is also a very useful thing to be doing as a practitioner with clients to have something personalised, short and fast; for some
things like addictions the single point stop point can be a life saver.

Silvia Hartmann

NB: For people who don't like muscle testing, you can sometimes discover relevant points of a sequence by touching each one in turn. The ones that feel "weird" or tender, sore, strange in any way make up the custom algorithm; the one that's the most noticeably different when touched makes the emergency stop point.

First Posted To Meridiantherapy News Group September 2002. Message re-printed with permission

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