Husband Had An Affair Then Left

A lady phoned me the other day about EMO. She wanted to know more about it after reading an article in a magazine about relationships which had mentioned the technique and she was desperate to know what it was and how many sessions she would need as she had been suffering for so long.

Now normally I would have directed her to the website for more information and recommended a practitioner but on this occasion I asked her what the problem was and she said she had this terrible feeling since she found out her husband was having an affair and then left her two years ago which she just could not get rid of, whatever she did, it was there day and night despite her best efforts to get on with her life.

She couldn’t put her finger on what it was, anger, guilt, sadness or the sheer terror of being on her own now and raising 3 small children.

I asked her where she felt it in her body and told her to put her hands there and she instantly said, my chest, like an enormous weight which just won’t lift and some days feel it is going to squash the life out of me.

I told her that the feeling was only an energy as there obviously wasn’t a heavy weight on her chest at this moment and that because it is only energy she can move it with her intention.

I asked her where she thought the energy might like to go and within moments she said, Oh my god! It’s gone up and out the top of my head!

I then asked her how her chest felt now and she was astonished and said absolutely fine. I told her to think about her husband and she said she still felt nothing, it was gone, and there was such relief in her voice as she started to laugh.

Oh my god that’s amazing, I have my life back, thank you so much! were the last words I heard from her as she put the phone down.

Now I know EMO is quick but that conversation was about two minutes long, absolute maximum, and with a woman who had had no experience of energy therapies in her life before.

I think we were both equally astonished at the end of that call and I just shook my head and smiled at the wonder of this extraordinary technique and how much suffering can be relieved so simply and quickly.

Nicola Quinn
Healing Solutions

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