It Is All In Your Mind!

It Is All In Your Mind!

In this article GoE Trainer Cathy Dixon looks at ways we can improve our minds, both conscious and unconscious, using a combination of EFT and Hypnosis...

How do we develop a powerful mind?  Personally, I believe that setting goals
and focusing on them is one of the best ways of super-charging your mind.
Here is what you need to remember.

1)      Know exactly what you don't want to help you understand exactly what
you do want - write both down in a notebook only used for this purpose.
2)      Use your inner mind's eye to see it, be it and live it.
3)      Take inspired action and do it.
 Most racing drivers know that if they want to avoid crashing into bends,
they need to keep their focus beyond the curve as they drive through it. We
need to do exactly the same thing when we are navigating from what we don't
want to what we do.

If your mind is fully occupied with what you don't want, then this is the
dominant vibration and rather like a radio station only playing the blues,
it will attract people who like listening to the blues! We also need to
ensure that the conscious and unconscious mind both want the same thing. The
conscious mind is rational and analytical and helps us to decide what we
want. However, it is the creative unconscious that brings what we want to
us. This is precisely why self hypnosis, visualization and positive
affirmations are so important in setting goals- it imprints what we want
also into the unconscious.  
Recently a client came to me because she wanted to end a long relationship
that was going nowhere with a person she no longer trusted. Using the above
process she could understand why she needed to end the relationship and what
she wanted from her future - which was to move on and retain the good loving
memories without lingering on regrets and disappointment.  Defining what she
really wanted helped her move beyond being stuck. Through hypnosis she was
able to imagine herself in an attractive future and we used EFT (Emotional
Freedom Technique) to remove all the doubtful feelings and beliefs about her
right to be happy and fulfilled. It was the use of EFT that allowed her to
take the brakes off her desired goal. She had a blue print of relationships
that was based on what has gone before and also her expectations were based
very much on what she had experienced before.

The use of EFT to break up the default programming and dissolve her doubts
enabled her to clear the resistance to attracting what she really wanted to

The thing to keep in your mind always is that every problem you have created
holds the key to the solution that you also create.

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