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Images Of Oxford Energy Psychology Conference 2002

Images Of Oxford Energy Psychology Conference 2002

Would you like to feel THIS happy? Well, there's only one thing for it ... you just simply have to do some tapping to overcome your fears and limitations on all fronts and ATTEND THE NEXT GoE CONFERENCE!

In the meantime, if you've not been lucky enough to be there, here are some great pictures of the Oxford energy psychology conference, events, surroundings and presenters, strange objects and other things ....


European Energy Psychology Conference – Oxford 2002

Report by Susan Courtney - Pictures by Alex Kent and James Jameson

Oxford was the perfect setting – historic and beautiful. The conference was magical. I came home on cloud nine.

At last, I feel I have found my professional home.

The presentations were so full and immediately useful, and the presenters were so generous and accessible. I can hardly believe how much I learned in just three days, and how warm and friendly everyone was.

If these comments sound familiar, then you are probably now re-living your own favourite memories of the Oxford conference – of the beautiful gardens and buildings and the delicious food in the dining hall which was so evocative of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, of the fascinating devices and treatments to sample in the exhibition hall and the exciting new developments introduced in the workshops, of chatting on the Talbot Hall steps in the sun, gathering in the pub in the evening, and wearing out your dancing shoes at the energy disco on Saturday night .

Participants came from as far as Australia, South Africa and Thailand, and covered most of Europe with Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the UK and Ireland represented, as well as Hungary, Greece, Turkey, and Israel. If you weren’t among them, then you can be a virtual tourist and sample some of the photos, as well as selected articles from the conference proceedings manual at www.TheAMT.com, and conference tapes can be ordered there, too.

What was new? EFT used in missionary work in Africa by Paul Newcomb, EP used with war trauma in Kosovo by Dutch psychologist Maarten Aalberse, James d’Angelo’s workshop on the healing vibrations of the human voice and Andrew Tressider’s on the use of Flower Essences. Spirit Release, Kalos Technique, Environmental Harmony, Transformation Kinesiology, coaching, and color therapy got their first exposure at an Energy Psychology conference and several newly developed techniques were also presented for the first time – Alister Bredee’s AMBIT, FREEWAY, and Silvia Hartmann’s EMO, while Larry Nims and Tapas Fleming gave Europeans their first taste of BSFF and TAT trainings.

Next year’s conference is already being planned – August 8-10 at Keble, another of Oxford University’s most distinguished colleges.

Start planning now to present or participate!



Images Of Oxford 2002 - A photographic journey

Images Of Oxford 2002

The 1st European Energy Psychology Conference

- A Photographic Journey -

Beautiful Surroundings ....


Lady Margaret Hall - The first EVER university college for female students in the World.

It's not all heal, heal, treat, treat ... :-) Relaxing in between sessions in the sun are:

Sarah Bird, Nicola Quinn, Ananga Sivyer, Silvia Hartmann, Chrissie Hardisty, Larry Nims, Pati Beaudoin.


In The Exhibition Hall
Fascinated by Thornton Streeter's PIP Imaging System - Crystal Hawk, Reto Wyss, Thornton Streeter and Silvia Hartmann.


Need a book on Energy Therapies ...?

There are lots and lots to be found right here!


Chrissie Hardisty & Sandi Radomski, ready to dispense Allergy Antidotes ... :-)

New GoE Trainer Maya de Vries from Germany greatly admiring the huge range of crystals.


Strange Oxford University ...

You might not believe this, but this is indeed what greeted us as we arrived for the Opening Plenary.

We invited him in but he refused on the grounds that he's been dead for 500 million years.

That's an Iguanadon, by the way and just behind him there, a full size Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Oxford University Natural History Museum also boast one of the only two stuffed Dodos in the entire Universe!

The following mysterious object was encountered on the way to the dining hall each day. We guessed, we tried to find out, and finally the answer became clear. However,we are offering a major prize for the best guess. Please mail to mysterious-object@theamt.com Closing date: Opening Plenary Oxford 2003.

All Pictures from Oxford On This Page

Courtesy Alex Kent


Second Generation Tappers, no less!

Two young ladies sharing what it's like to be their therapist parent's guinea pig for every new therapy that comes along: Bianca Obendorfer from Germany & Susann Forsberg from Sweden.

Boy, Martyn Dawes sure looks happy. But so would you if you had just published a bestseller on EFT & Weightloss ... :-) Reto Wyss, one of the new GoE trainers, from Switzerland. Jim Durlacher always looks good, no matter what he is wearing :-) Sandra Hillawi from the United Kingdom, new GoE and ET Trainer, posing happily :-)
More happy campers- Gloria Arenson, Larry Nims, Marla Brucker, and Sandi Radomski

The Honourable and Veritable GoE Co-Founders, Chrissie Hardisty and Silvia Hartmann posing in front of an unusual and somewhat frightening plant, of which there were many to be found around the venue and in the gardens.
In the dinner hall - Francine Murphy and Susan Courtney having a good time eating such things as pheasant, partridge, salmon (three different kinds including wild, smoked and trouted), unless they were vegetarians, in which case there was always something stuffed, i.e. aubergine or pepper.

Talking Shop - GoE Meta Master Exulted Trainers Peter Delves and Silvia Hartmann taking the new manual through it's paces.

Girls just want to have fun - caught chatting by our intrepid photographer near the dining hall exit were Nicola Quinn, Silvia Hartmann, Ananaga Sivyer, Dayawanti D'sa, Claudia Herbert & Sandra Hillawi.

More Beautiful Photos From The Oxford Conference - By James Jameson

The River Behind The Gardens

Christine Conroy & Sandra Hillawi

Paul O'Connor & Sarah Bird

Susan Courtney In The Garden.

Talbot House From The Gardens

Marie Herbert & Tom Wynn


Sarah Bird & Tapas Fleming
Tapas Fleming

At The TAT Trainer's Training

The New TAT Practitioners, Oxford 2002

The New TAT Trainers - Oxford 2002

More Beautiful Photos From The Oxford Conference - By James Jameson

The Main Square

Alan Handlesman & Peter Leaky

Denise Stoneham
Chava & Eliezar Spetter

A View To The Gardens

Marie Herbert & Maarten Aalberse


Marla Brucker & David Grudemeyer
Paul Wynn

Paul Newcomb Showing The "Gentle Touch" To Carole Kinsey



A "Spot" of healing - whatever happened there to the digital camera, we cannot know. Ananga Sivyer doing healing on Alex Kent whilst being photographed by the PIP device for a before and after test of Ananga's healing abilities.
Alan Handelsman and Dorothea Hover-Kramer taking a bow after a beautiful concert at the Lady Margaret Hall Chapel.

Boogie The Night Away - It's amazing how energy therapy gets people all fired up and dancing all night at the Energy Disco on Saturday nite!

A photo of some of the group from the Magical, Mystical England tour (pre conference)...we gathered together after the final plenary.
From Left to right: Marla Bruckner, Elaine Woodall, Paula Shaw, Phyllis Mabbett, Meryl Beck, Wendy Nathan, Jim Durlacher.
Closing Plenary in the Dining Hall - the participants discussing which single most important learning they will take out and give to the World after they leave this amazing conference.
A fabulous standing ovation for a fabulous conference organiser - Susan Courtney receiving her well deserved flowers, dues and adulation from everyone at the closing plenary.

Thank YOU Susan! We've had a fabulous time and ....

... SEE YOU ALL AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find out when the next GoE Conference is and to book your ticket by clicking this link: https://goe.ac/conference/

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