Imagine if you will... Emotions & Physical Symptoms

Imagine if you will... Emotions & Physical Symptoms

Patricia Dancing-Elk writes: When people come for help/healing they have a set of expectations of how that healing will look for them.ย  And, when it does not look like that, they are disappointed.

When they come for healing from cancer, they think there should be an immediate clearing of the symptoms and disease.ย  Most people donโ€™t stop to think about where the disease came from, what it feeds off of and the physiology of it.ย  They only think of the concept and physical attributes of the disease and how it complicates their lives.ย  Seldom do people think of the cause of the disease.

So, I wanted to talk to you today a little bit about healing and the many forms it takes.

Healing comes in the form of death sometimes, you knowโ€ฆ freedom from the pain, a weight lifted off, a lifting of the oppression, a release from the prison, etc.

Sometimes healing takes the form of โ€œknowingโ€ and through knowing the cause of the illness we have peace and understanding and can begin the healing from there.

Cancer of the stomach (sacral and solar plexus) is said to come from unresolved anger.ย  Sometimes healing comes in the form of resolution of a relationship/forgiveness, and then the healing and rebuilding of the body can begin.

Mental illness, although not thought of as a physical disease and often not thought of as โ€œworth fussing withโ€ is one of the deadliest diseases.ย  It often manifests itself as a physical disease.ย  Mental illness can be so debilitating that sometimes suicide is thought of as the only way out.

EMO works with energy โ€“ emotional energy.ย  It has been said that all diseases thrive on energy.ย  Of course you will have your own opinion about that.

Imagine if you will, that if you could resolve your anger, your fear, your resentment, you feeling of helpless/hopelessness that your physical body would then relax, renew, release its illness.ย  Imagine if you will that if you could resolve your anger at your brother-in-law that your stomach ulcer would healโ€ฆ.no more pain, the ability to eat what you want, etc.ย  Imagine if you will if you resolved your fear of flying that you might be able to go places that you only dreamed of and so perhaps that arthritis in your knees would no longer hurt. Imagine if you will what would change for you if you resolved your fear, your anger, your resentment...

Just imagine the possibilities of healing that can come from a little softening of the energy?

Love and Blessings,

Patricia DancingElk

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