Improve Immune System Function With EFT

Bronwen Stimpert writes: I have adapted the recently published EFT metabolism protocol for use with immune system functioning. Clearing out some old anger and sadness brought an increase in 35%.

After receiving the "Raising Your Metabolic Rate" article on Gary Craig's email list, it occurred to me to to try it on immune system functioning as I am slowly getting over a cold and flu at the moment.

I took the reading by asking what my immune system function was right now and found it to be at 40%.

I then proceeded to tap the rounds of the protocol but changed the opening statements from metabolic functioning to immunity. I was especially aware of sadness and/or anger at CB, SP, BN and gamut point.

When I took the reading again, it was up to 75% which is a significant increase.

Bronwen Stimpert

PS - Here are a couple of interesting links:

Anthrax - acupressure for immunity (SP3, LR3, KI3, LU7, GV14):

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