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Ask & Receive - An Interview with Sandi Radomski

Ask & Receive - An Interview with Sandi Radomski

We are pleased to present an interivew with another of our fantastic presenters at this year's EFT & Energy Psychology Conference.

Sandi Radomski is a long term member of The GoE, having presented at the innaugural GoE Conference in Oxford in 2002. Sandi will be presenting Ask & Receive at this year's Conference, as well as hosting a post-Conference workshop on Ask & Receive.

Read on for the full article...

A nice easy one to start off with, can you tell us how you first got involved in Energy Therapies and Healing?

I had been a psychotherapist for many years before finding Energy Psychology. My work had always been body oriented such as relaxation and biofeedback.  When I met my former husband who is a chiropractor, I began going to his seminars.  Therefore, I began muscle testing in 1989 and learned NET in 1990.  I attended Fred Gallo’s second training in TFT in 1995. Because I could already muscle test, I became his facilitator at many of his seminars.

Some of you may be interested in the history of Energy Psychology in the US.  Following Fred Gallo’s first Philadelphia training, many of the participants felt unsure of their muscle testing skills.  I offered to have several sessions to continue to train people in muscle testing.  Phil Friedman offered his office for the group. We continued meeting monthly for years. The group member included among others Asha Clinton, John Diepold, Victoria Britt, Sheila Bender, Kurt Ebert, Phil Friedman and myself.  We have all gone on to create our own Energy Psychology techniques.

Not all of our members are aware of Ask & Receive, so please give us a brief introduction...

Ask and Receive is based on the concept that we all have a higher broader perspective that knows what we need and how to solve our problems. We just do not always have access to it. We have found that just by repeating the 5 Steps of Ask and Receive, we have direct access to this higher states information and are able to bring into our current reality.  It is a way to access your higher state to ask for and achieve all that you desire.  Ask and Receive heals and releases the traumas and limiting beliefs that are blocking the goal.  It is used for both physical and emotional issues.  

Ask & Receive is getting a lot of attention on both sides of the Atlantic, with you presenting at both the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference here in the UK and the Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference. What do you think it is that makes Ask & Receive so popular?

Ask and Receive is both very effective and very accessible. People see results for themselves and can treat themselves on behalf of their children, pets and their far away family. Everyone that I work with feels very comfortable using Ask and Receive on their own.  We have had miracles of success from relief from arthritis of 20 years to calming an autistic child down in a hospital setting to relaxing and quieting a 17 day old child who was born addicted to heroin and methadone.  It is based on the power of the word even though it can be combined with other techniques.  It is adding the concept of our higher self to Energy Psychology. Gary Craig has said that the only thing missing form EFT is the spiritual aspect.  Pat Carrington, in turn, has said that Ask and Receive adds that spiritual component.  

What are the benefits GoE Practitioners can expect from using Ask & Receive?

The majority of my patients are EFT practitioners and they all report integrating Ask and Receive into their practices. Ask and Receive is easily used on its own or in conjunction with other Energy Psychology techniques. It adds a spiritual component to our work. It adds a tool that broadens our work and allows healing to come from a higher, broader perspective. Patients resonate with Ask and Receive and spontaneously use it on their own.  

You will be hosting a post-Conference training of Ask & Receive at the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference. What can delegates expect to learn from attending?

My 2 day training will include a one day Foundational Training in Ask and Receive and also one day on Allergy Antidotes as a model for treating physical issues.  Participants can then be listed on my web sites as completing both of these trainings. There will be enough hands on training that they will be fully able to include Ask and Receive and Allergy Antidotes into their practices immediately.  They will have instruction in my simplified ways to muscle test themselves and others. They will be given the 4 Quik Reference Guides for the 4 ways to do Ask and Receive which they can follow step by step in their office.  It will be the first time I will be able to completely integrate both my Allergy Antidotes and Ask and Receive. 

Where would you like to see yourself and Ask & Receive in 6 months and 5 years time?

My goal is that Ask and Receive becomes more mainstream in the future years.  It is often effective in its most simple form that anyone can use.  Parents are already using it with their autistic children and just by repeating the 5 sentences, they are able to watch their children calm down and relax. I would love to see it taught in school to children so that they have a tool to help themselves at any time.

My real fantasy for the future is to have a non-profit treatment center for babies and toddlers. I consistently find that the traumas that cause the limiting beliefs that run our lives are usually from pre-birth, birth and up to 2 years of age. Later traumas merely retrigger the original event.  These traumas create limiting beliefs such as the world is dangerous, I am abandoned, I am not good enough.  I end up treating these issues in my patients in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  I would so much prefer to treat the babies and toddlers right after they have had a traumatic situation.  For example, all babies with forceps deliver, cord around the neck or adoption should automatically be cleared of their fears and separation.  Ask and Receive allows treatment to be done on behalf of the child. We do not have to wait until the child has problems later in life.  

Is there anyone in the Energy Therapies industry or wider world that has greatly influenced you and the work you do?

I credit Dr. Roger Callahan with making the leap from Applied Kinesiology to using the energy system to treat emotional issues. His intellectual leap led the way for all of our work.

Dr. Devi Nambudripad gave me the allergy treatment connection. I felt her work was so important for psychotherapists that when she stopped teaching us, I knew it was my obligation to pass on this information to non medical practitioners.

Dr. Scott Walker creator of Neuro-Emotional Technique gave me my first model of muscle testing and identifying past traumas.  He gave me my first nod to do my work. 

And finally, when you come home from a busy day how do you like to unwind? Are there any particular relaxation techniques you love?

I have never been asked this question before. Thank you for asking.  I actually begin every day with a walk on the beach.  I live on the Atlantic Ocean in Ocean City which is an island off of New Jersey.  I walk every day winter and summer.  It is my spiritual connection time.  Many nights of the week I end the day with dancing.  I am a ballroom dancer.  Dancing is also a spiritual practice for me.  It is a way for me to completely turn off my brain and just follow.  I have to be completely in tune with my partner and allow myself to be danced without my controlling the movement.  I have to be in the flow.

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