Introduction To EMO ET

After having worked for four years intensively with EFT and having observed, experienced and facilitated the very real miracles Meridian Energy Therapies can produce especially in the treatment of all things which have a basis in emotional "disturbances", I had developed a healthy respect for METs. I had also come to learn many things about the human energy system and the energy body along the way - and all of these things I learned entirely by watching and observing, making changes and testing the responses but NOT by studying acupuncture charts or ancient texts.

Introduction To EMO

by Silvia Hartmann

After having worked for four years intensively with EFT and having observed, experienced and facilitated the very real miracles Meridian Energy Therapies can produce especially in the treatment of all things which have a basis in emotional "disturbances", I had developed a healthy respect for METs. I had also come to learn many things about the human energy system and the energy body along the way - and all of these things I learned entirely by watching and observing, making changes and testing the responses but NOT by studying acupuncture charts or ancient texts.

The original METs relied on a limited number of points to produce change in the energy system which by extension, leads to change in how a person feels, acts, behaves and experiences their lives after the treatments. EFT uses a "total redundancy" approach to clear all the major channels during a session which is extremely successful, especially if repeat treatments are used to catch aspects that were missed or address further energy blockages. I'm not sure why it took me so long but in 2002, I had an instant insight into the relationship between the energy body, emotions and the physical body - namely, that *all* emotions are nothing more (and of course, nothing less!) than simply feedback devices to alert us to the existing conditions in the energy body, just the same as physical pain is nothing more (and certainly nothing less!) than a feedback device to alert us to existing conditions in the physical body.

It is well known that repeatedly experiencing the same strong emotions has a very direct correlation to the onset of physiological symptoms and this was the bridge I used in the system I called EMO in order to show and demonstrate clearly to everyone concerned just exactly *where* in a person's body the disturbances occur at the energetic level.

Back To Physicality

When conditions change in the energy body, subtle feedback exists immediately which we generally are not aware of at all as we are too busy with our attentions elsewhere all through the day. It is only when these subtle sensations turn into strong feelings that we are *made to take notice*. We really only become aware of the strongest emotions as they turn into absolute physiological sensations.

A simple example would be like this. Someone gets told unexpectedly, "You are FIRED!" and they will report that "it felt as though they had been punched in the stomach".

That is not some kind of metaphor or a psychosomatic aberration, but a complete and correct recognition and diagnosis of a real and severe disturbance in this person's energy body. The *physical* sensation tells us exactly where this disturbance lies - in EMO, the one who is working on their problem or disturbance will be asked to "show me with your hands where that is" - "that" being the problem, the bereavement, the anger, the pain, or whatever label of emotion is causing the problem.

It is crucial to EMO to know that we work from the assumption that people's energy bodies are NATURALLY DESIGNED to handle just about any kind of existing energy in this World. That there are channels and pathways which, if they are clear and functioning properly, can and will channel even the most powerful of energies we can imagine into us, through us and out in an Even Flow movement.

Re-Establishing The Even Flow

EMO works to re-establishing a full and functioning flow of a *very wide range of energy types* in, through and out a person's body in three ways:

1. Firstly, by teaching and learning the basic EMOTM technique to find the pathways for energies that need to flow rather than be stuck, held on to or deflected out;

2. Secondly, by softening and releasing old energy blockages (which show up directly and uncontrovertibly through the medium of *physiological sensations* in a person's body);

3. Thirdly, by repairing channels, networks and areas of the energy body to enable these areas to once again allow a smooth flowing of incoming energies into, through and out of the system.

Repercussions & Energy Nutrition

When EMO was originally being developed, the intention was to *reduce* firstly the physiological sensations related to high stress emotions, secondly and as a direct effect of this, to entirely release the *emotional experience* and finally, to basically re-teach the energy body to begin flowing energy again in, through and out as it was always designed to be doing and to do so automatically and in reflexive response to the environmental conditions which we may expect to be challenging often and constantly as we live our lives.

But very early on it became apparent that there were unexpected "side effects" to working with the underlying energies in the energy body in this way.

Rather than simply "not feeling the negative emotion and pain anymore" from incoming or self generated energies, it turned out that when these energies were being taken into the system and "tranced through" their correct and requisite channels, it produced a *huge* increase in a person's actual energy levels - expressed through laughter, delight, pro-active ideas and thoughts; in other words, through the movement of energy from intake, through the systems and release something very important was being *gained* in the process.

As people were learning to once again, opening themselves to energies from people for example, such as can be found in expression of admiration, gratitude, praise and so forth ("You are beautiful." - "You are intelligent." etc), they finally were able to derive what can only be described as long needed "nutrition" for their energy bodies which expressed itself in very different mental states, body postures and thoughts after an EMO treatment.

But this extended much, much further than just "positive" energies. Allowing negative forms of incoming energies into the energy body too, to be moved through the requisite channels and systems, in, through and out produced even more profound state changes and shifts in return. Being able to handle an incoming (or self generated) thought form energy such as, "You are ugly." and to simply trance it through and out directly causes people to feel stronger, much more balanced, much less afraid of criticism and of failure, more determined and more resourceful.

Playing In "The Oceans Of Energy"

Doing EMO, perhaps to begin with to release easily and without much ado (because we are working directly with the energy/physical body and NOT in the head with thoughts, metaphors or other logical contortions) old burdens, blockages, shards, hurts and pain, does a number of very beneficial things for a person.

Firstly, users and practitioners of EMO report that they become far more attuned to what is happening in their bodies and how their emotional states are actually expressed in their body. This is a very grounding and healing change of attention and for many, a first re-connection to how much their bodies have been crying out to them for help and release at last. Further, in the act of learning or re-learning to move these energies and to let them flow every person who practises EMO begins to learn about the actual realities of their own energy body - where the main channels are in their body, main centers and entry and exit points for energies and much, much beside.

Secondly, and once we start moving beyond immediate trauma and emotional drama reduction, it becomes very clear just how much energy there is around us for us to use to heal, grow, have, be and do.

Opening oneself and "drinking in a sunrise" fully and completely, for example, is an extraordinary experience and not to mention, *physiological sensation*. Opening oneself fully to energies from plant life, from animals, from the sun and the sky, from the Earth and indeed, from every little thing around us makes every day quite extraordinary and provides literally ENDLESS and totally abundant sources of energy for life, work and play.

Learning to "take the energy from a thing" rather than trying to possess or ingest or own the thing itself is a wonderful gift in and of itself - it can satisfy needs and wants that were previously totally out of reach and even out of possibility and has inordinate applications for addictions of all kinds, and even radically reduce food and shopping bills into the bargain!

There is also the magical aspect of deliberately *raising energies* such as, "I am a healer" and being able to trace and track any blockages, smooth them out and have this - and basically, ANY - form of energy flow powerfully and very intentionally through our systems.

Endless Possibilities, Endless Applications

EMO is at its most basic level, an incredibly simple and intuitive method because it relies upon naturally existing systems of the human totality - the intention of the conscious mind, the feedback devices of emotion and sensation from the physical and energy bodies and the co-operation of the unconscious systems and the body mind. Simply put, bodies love EMO. Because it is entirely natural and following the direct evidence of physiological feedback, EMO is amazingly easy to learn and easy to do.

As EMO is entirely and strictly focussed on the movement of energy in, through and out the energy body, it is "content free" in the best sense of the word and can be applied to just about anything that humans can think, worry or feel pain about - this includes past resolution, forgiveness, bereavement, relationship issues, old wounds, burdens and pains, current instabilities, feelings "in the moment", and all things future related, including goal setting, planning, self identity and so much more besides.

For psychologists and psychotherapists, EMO can be the bridge into energy psychology and healing as it does not require touching, tapping, or muscle testing and although it is in effect, a *pure energy healing* modality it is also close enough to a "talking therapy" to be easily accepted and accessible.

For healers of any kind, EMO offers a new doorway to exploring energy healing with direct feedback rather than to have to guess or rely on intuition. It does not demand any special talents or abilities from either the healer or their partner in healing, and represents a beautiful, experientially based system for a healer to develop their natural healing skills which everyone is blessed with simply by having been born to be human.

The EMO systems and techniques are not at all an end product but rather, a starting point and learning tool to how much more we can all do, be, have, achieve and experience right here, right now - simply by re-learning to use the systems we already have and once again, stepping back into a true appreciation of The Even Flow.

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