January 2011 EMO Newsletter

January 2011 EMO Newsletter

Welcome to the January 2011 edition of the EMO newsletter.

This month we find out more details on the 2011 EMO Energy Conference, as well as having some wonderful case studies...

In this issue:

** News: Full Presenter List for the 2011 EMO Energy Conference โ€“ Save 40% on Tickets
** Article: Using EMO to Transform the Day! by Dr. Shayn Smith
** News: Best-Selling Children's EFT Book Gets Full Colour Makeover
** Article: Clearing Past Life Trauma with EMO by Patricia DancingElk
** News: The 2011 EMO Yearbook

** News: Full Presenter List for the 2011 EMO Energy Conference โ€“ Save 40% on Tickets

We are pleased to announce the full line up of Presenters at the 2011 EMO Energy Conference, which is only a matter of months away.


There is currently a massive 40% discount on tickets to the Conference, as well as the pre- and post-Conference trainings. This offer is only available until the end of January, so hurry!


The details for two presentations have already been announced. The first is with Silvia Hartmann, creator of EMO, who will be presenting The Sixth Sense. The second is Kim Bradley, who will be presenting Healing in Your Community.

To read more about The Sixth Sense, please visit:


To read more on Healing in Your Community, please visit:


** Article: Using EMO to Transform the Day! by Dr. Shayn Smith

An interesting case study from Shayn Smith, a newly qualified EMO Practitioner. In this article we learn of the factors that caused Shayn to quit his dream job, and how EMO could have prevented it.

Shayn writes: โ€œIn the 1970's, while in my 20โ€™s, I achieved my childhood dream job. I was a prime-time morning radio broadcaster in a major U.S. market. Because it was a country radio station, I had the opportunity to meet and introduce on stage the major singers of that time. Big names like Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Sonny James, and Marty Robbins. I was honored by write-ups in the local papers and a segment on television news. I was invited to emcee events around the area and received many phone calls while on the air.

It was a very exciting time in my life. But, the grind of waking up at 4:30 in the morning, six days a week, plus many evening appearances took its toll. I was burning out. One morning I remember waking up and reviewing the entire day ahead. I felt overwhelmed and promptly quit my dream job.โ€

Read on to find out how EMO could have prevented this:


** News: Best-Selling Children's EFT Book Gets Full Colour Makeover

Tapping for Kids: A Children's Guide to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques by Angie Muccillo has been one of the best selling EFT books in the world since it's release in 2008.

The book, which features the wonderful โ€œPalace of Possibilitiesโ€, has some great illustrations which were previously black & white in the paperback edition. Not any more! Now the illustrations have been brought to life with beautiful colour to catch any child's imagination.

Teaching children to Tap has never been more enjoyable!

The book is available to pre-order now from the publisher's website:


Tapping for Kids is not the only DragonRising book that is having a sparkling new edition in 2011. The Genius Symbols by EMO creator Silvia Hartmann has also undergone a revamping. The 2nd, fully revised edition of the book is now available from the DragonRising website:


+ Remember: EMO Trainers receive a 50% discount when ordering 3 or more DragonRising products, whilst Practitioners get 30% discount on the same.

** Article: Clearing Past Life Trauma with EMO by Patricia DancingElk

Texas-based EMO Trainer Patricia DancingElk โ€“ who, you may well know, will be presenting at the 2011 EMO Energy Conference โ€“ has put together a case study that comes from an EMO Seminar. In it Patricia helps a lady who has been suffering from disturbing dreams that she believes come from a past lift.

Patricia writes: โ€œWhat I love about the EMO seminars most is the range of people and the issues they bring. Even as a trainer I learn something new with each seminar and client because there are always new stories, new circumstances, and new trauma to be healed.โ€

To read Patricia's full article, please visit:


** News: The 2011 EMO Yearbook

We are currently putting together the 2011 Edition of the EMO Yearbook. All current EMO Practitioners, Advanced Practitioners and Trainers whose memberships are currently live will be included, with the details on their profiles.

If your membership has lapsed but you would like to be included in the Yearbook please renew as soon as possible. You can renew here:


Also, if any of your information is not up to date please make sure you contact us to update. You can find your profile (if you are a fully paid up member) by visiting here:


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this, the first EMO Newsletter of 2011. We hope that the year ahead will be prosperous and full of energy for all of you.

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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