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June 2010 EMO Newsletter

June 2010 EMO Newsletter

Welcome to the very special June 2010 EMO newsletter. This is an extra special newsletter because the 28th June 2010, is the 8th birthday of EMO!

In this issue:

** News: EMO Celebrates 8 Years of Helping the World!
** Article: Happy 8th Birthday, EMO by Silvia Hartmann
** Article: EMO Workshop Report by Patricia Dancing-Elk
** Case Study: Credit Card Crisis by Lynda Jakiro
** Article: Psychopharmaca, EMO & a Truly Holistic Alliance by Silvia Hartmann
** News: GoE Conference Presenters Announced

** News: EMO Celebrates 8 Years of Helping the World! - Save 30% on EMO Products

It is 8 years since the very first EMO training, and to celebrate this fact DragonRising Publishing are offering a great 30% discount on many of their fantastic EMO products! This includes everything from fantastic books like The Love Clinic by Master International EMO Trainer Sandra Hillawi, and Oceans of Energy โ€“ the definitive book on EMO by creator Silvia Hartmann, to the EMO Distance Learning Course.

You can find out which products are in this birthday sale by clicking on the link below:


** Article: Happy 8th Birthday, EMO by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann writes: โ€œA few days ago, I was at my oldest son's wedding at a country manor house in England.

It was a beautiful June morning, the day after the wedding, and Nicola Quinn, Sandra Hillawi and I were having breakfast on the terrace, overlooking a fabulous old English parkscape under a blue sky with little white clouds as one of the gardeners approached us quite respectfully.

She thanked me for inventing "Emo" as she called it, because it had enabled her teenage daughter to stop having tantrums and start clearing up her bedroom at last.

One little moment, a small thing really, but in a way, indicative of a revolution that is taking place...โ€

To read Silvia's full article, please use the link:


** Article: EMO Workshop Report by Patricia Dancing-Elk

EMO Trainer Patricia Dancing-Elk writes: โ€œTo date, I have facilitated 4 EMO workshops, certifying 20 EMO Practitioners and 4 EMO Advancedย  Practitioners.ย ย  In those workshops there have been 11 Self-Help attendees, 3 of which returned for the next workshop to received their Practitioner training and certification.ย ย  From the March 2010 workshop, there are 3 EMO Practitioners who will return in May for their EMO Advanced Practitioner training and certification and 4 Self-Help participants who will return for their EMO Practitioner training and certification.ย  Currently, there are 3 participants interested in EMO Trainers certification.

EMO on the EMOTexas.Com site there are pictures of three of the four workshops that I have facilitated so far.ย  Unfortunately, there were no pictures available for the October 2009 workshop.ย  The pictures were very dark from the March 2009 workshop and I was only able to save (partially) the class photo.ย  The pictures and reviews from the 2009 workshops are posted here:


You live and learn... and so, this last workshop I used a better camera and was able to get quite a few snapshots.ย  Those pictures and class reviews are posted here:ย 


With every workshop I gain new insights in the way that what works for one person, doesn't work for another.ย  I have found challenges with allowing married couples to attend the workshop together when they are dependent on one another emotionally or physically or when there is an ongoing dispute between them that they refuse to work on in front of others.

And, I had to adjust the directions a little for those in the US who are already working with energy healing and so are programmed to "move" the energy instead of "allowing it to flow".ย  Instead of using the command to soften and flow, they respond better to suggesting that they focus on softening the energy until it can become liquid and allow it to flow.ย ย  There has also been the lesson of knowing when to end the session if it becomes too overwhelming, emotionally, for the client/participant and they don't feel comfortable in progressing and redirecting the focus to another part of the issue that is less threatening.ย  Working that way relieves the emotional energy enough that most of the time they are willing to return to the original/root issue and work on it.ย 

I have worked in the healing ways for about 30 years now. I have enjoyed this new knowledge tremendously.โ€

Find out more about Patricia and the workshops she runs by visiting:


** Case Study: Credit Card Crisis by Lynda Jakiro

This case study about a client with troubles with credit cards, by Lynda Jakiro, has a large amount of blocked energy and shields.

Lynda Jakiro writes: "R was feeling absolutely immobilised by the credit card companies she was suing for their illegal actions against her, which had been going on for nine months. She had notified them that she was out of work and had taken all the necessary legal actions, but they were pursuing her, her friend and her previous employers, phoning at least twice a day."

Read the full case study here:


** Article: Psychopharmaca, EMO & a Truly Holistic Alliance by Silvia Hartmann

In talking therapy, there exists the idea that you can't really treat a person until they are consciously "aware," "awake," "there" or "with it" or which ever way one might want to define a drug free state; this is founded on years of experience to this end which is perfectly correct.

Energy healing however is not a talking therapy but something else altogether; and for energy healing of problems in the energy body to take place, it is in fact, irrelevant whether someone is taking psychopharmaca, psychoactive drugs, or any drugs, for that matter.

To read Dr Hartmann's full article please visit:


** News: GoE Conference Presenters Announced

The full line up for the 2010 GoE European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference has now been released, and we are pleased to let you know that EMO is well represented!

Headline presenters:

** Silvia Hartmann โ€“ Creator of EMO
** Dr. Mark Atkinson โ€“ Author of The Mind Body Bible
** Sandra Hillawi โ€“ EMO Master Trainer & author of The Love Clinic

To see the full line up, please visit:


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this month's extra special newsletter. If you would like to contribute to next month's newsletter, please do by sending in an article or news to us.

I'm sure you will join us in saying a big happy birthday to EMO โ€“ the healing modality for the 21st century!

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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