Keep A Cool Head This Summer: Avoid Heat Stress

Keep A Cool Head This Summer: Avoid Heat Stress

There is a lot of stress that comes from simply being overheated; and this causes all sorts of stress disturbances regardless of whether this happens in the office or at work, in your home, during travel, or even at the beach with your family and loved ones.

Here are some quick tips on how to avoid "heat stress" and keep a cool head this summer.

As temperatures rise, stress rises too and tempers start to flare.

Heat Stress Tips

1. Be aware that the hotter you get, the more stressed your are becoming all the time. There's nothing you can do about that, it is a normal response of the body when it is put "under stress" by inclement environmental conditions.

Every so often, stop what you're doing and check your own thermometer. Are you running hot? Take action right away and before you do something "stress stupid".

2. There is a reason why "hot heads" are called "hot heads" - quite practically; and the converse is true for the "cool" cats, too. Keeping your head cool is the best way to keep your entire body temperature down, and also your temper in check.

Splash your head, face and neck with water; wear a hat that you can wet down with water; get your hair wet at regular intervals or as soon as you notice your head is getting too hot.

Using cooled water on a handkerchief on your face and neck is also good, as is massaging your face and neck with an ice cube if you can find one.

3. Under heat stress, everything gets exacerbated. Clothes that are too tight, ill fitting shoes, pinching underwear all contribute to heat stress and can lead to having outbursts of anger and making bad decisions. Consider your mental health rather than fashion first when you choose what to wear to somewhere where it is likely to be hot. Wear clothes that you can sweat in without having to stress even more about having sweat stains under arms, on your chest and back; leave off the make up so you don't end up looking like a nightmare clown, and generally adjust yourself to the fact that you are going to be hot and your body will be expanding, and sweating.

4. Don't underestimate the effects that heat stress has on you, your effectivity, your good nature, your decision making, your emotions and your conduct. Make sure you stay cool, and make an effort to stay cool. Seek shade, slow down, improve air flow if you can, don't move more than you have to, and take time out to cool off with water or finding a place that is cooler so your mind and body gets a break.

5. Finally, don't forget to drink lots of water. Dehydration causes intense stress and mental malfunctions all by itself. Add a tricky day, a whining kid or an annoying employee to the mix, and caboom! Anger management classes, anybody? Avoid the "dehydrating drinks" such as coffee and syrupy lemonades; when it's hot, just drink water, regularly, lots of it. Your brain will say, "Thank you!"

And there we have it.

Cool cats everywhere this summer, and good decisions all around, let that relaxed, stress free love flow ... :-)

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