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GoE Energy Conference 2018

GoE Energy Conference 2018

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GoE2016 - P01 - Keynote: We Love Energy with Silvia Hartmann

GoE2016 - P01 - Keynote: We Love Energy with Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann's keynote presentation from the GoE Energy Conference 2016, where she unveiled the "Big E" and we officially became the Guild of Energists.

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Yes, the time has come for the Big E moment - we are officially The Guild of Energists and the new era of modern energism has begun! This is a truly extraordinary moment many of us have been working towards for decades, laying the foundations with care and deliberation for this new beginning.

To be right here, at the moment when history books will record it has all begun officially, is a blessing, a huge privilege and grounds for celebration. What will the future hold for us energists...? What happens next...? What miracles lie in store...? These and many other questions we will be discussing but in the meantime, one thing is clear: WE LOVE ENERGY!

  • Run Time: 15 minutes
Silvia Hartmann

About Silvia Hartmann

Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer & GoE Trainer Trainer in East Sussex, England.

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