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GoE Energy Conference 2017

GoE Energy Conference 2017

Conference starts in...

Books For Energists

Brilliant NEW Books For MODERN Energists at DragonRising.com

The Energist - Vol 2016.3.1 - Energy EFT Foundation

Articles include:

  • Websites For GoE Members
  • Introducing Special Reports - Silvia Hartmann
  • Energy EFT Tips - Global Edition
  • Adventures With Finger Points & Aspects - Suzanne Zacharia
  • Power To Portugal! - Sandra Hillawi
  • A Profound Shift Into Lightness - Sandie Garland
  • A Fountain Of Energy! - Kelly Mayne
  • How To Walk Across The Room Successfully - Silvia Hartmann
  • Waves Of Energy - Wendy Birse
  • Art & Science Of Being A Good Practitioner - Jorge Vence
  • Every Mum Has Magic Kisses - Ber Collins
  • Smash That Invisibility Cloak! - Tanya Isdale
  • World Peace For Animals - Marie Holliday
  • Proxy Tapping With The Angels - Susan Browne
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Marie Holliday
Marie Holliday
Marie Holliday

About Marie Holliday

Former GoE Professional Member in Balsicas, Murcia, Spain.

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Ber Collins

About Ber Collins

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer, EMO Master Practitioner Trainer & Modern Stress Management Trainer in Meelick, County Clare, Ireland.

Trainings & Events

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Sandie Garland

About Sandie Garland

Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

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Tanya Isdale

About Tanya Isdale

Former GoE Professional Member in England.

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Sandra Hillawi