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Power Affirmations Special Report 2008

Power Affirmations Special Report 2008

Power Affirmations - 21st Century Magic Spells That Change Reality - 2008 Special Report by Silvia Hartmann, full text.

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In this powerful, BRAND NEW and highly focused self training program, Silvia Hartmann explains exactly and concisely how affirmations are created that work EXACTLY like magic spells to create YOUR reality of choice.ย 

From strikingly simple exercises for absolute beginners, to the amazing Super Magic Affirmations and the Vega Pattern at the other end of the scale,ย this concise treaty will give you the tools to make affirmations FINALLY come to life, and really start to WORK FOR YOU.

  • Discover ONE simple, single sentence that will totally TRANSFORM the power of YOUR affirmations - even if you've never been able to make affirmations really work for you before!
  • Learn how to create your own powerful affirmations EASILY - totally personalised to YOU;
  • The Vega Pattern of Affirmation Mirror Magic - never published before!
  • Super Magic Affirmations - one trial change, the Holy Grail of ALL Personal Development revealed;
  • Powering up affirmation to unprecedented heights by using The Magic Of The Moment pattern;
  • How to overcome the two major stumbling blocks that stop people from being able to make real magic affirmations work for them;
  • Learn the simple 5 step core pattern that literally unlocks the power of ALL affirmations;
  • Find out how to tap into the power of Affirmation Cascades for a whole new experience in reality creation;
  • How to turn mere words into resonant, powerful energy forms that make the Universe sit up and take notice;
  • How you can really win the war against negative thinking and self destructive beliefs and memories;
  • Learn about Meta Affirmations and Automatic Pilot Affirmation patterns that take the hard work out of creating reality;
  • Using Power Affirmations to create reality and CHANGE PEOPLE - Proxy Affirmations and how to make them work;
  • Discover how to create your own powerful Master Affirmations that really change your life;
  • Learn how you can use the EXTREMELY potent Power Questions to create a totally different self concept through the magic of Affirmation by Pre-Supposition (you'll never have to be in therapy again!);
  • Find out how YOU - yes, YOU! - can REALLY take control of your thoughts - and your reality.


  • Published: 2008
  • Number of Parts: 12
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