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Life Without Panic Attacks- GoE Trainer Releases New Book!

Life Without Panic Attacks- GoE Trainer Releases New Book! AMT and EMO Trainer Nicola Quinn has recently published her book 'Life Without Panic Attacks', the story of how she overcame 15 years of panic attacks using EFT.
If you, or someone you love, suffers from anxiety and panic attacks then this book is for you and comes highly recommended. 'Life Without Panic Attacks' is an indispensable guide, with step by step instructions, to full recovery from panic attacks packed full of EFT opening statements. There is also an excellent bonus article that goes along with the book called 'How to Help a Loved One Who Suffers From Panic Attacks' by Silvia Hartmann that contains some very valuable advice for those who usually stand by feeling helpless and who can now give some very real assistance and support. For more information and details on where you can now get the book from, read below.
Who should read this book:
โ€ข Those who suffer from panic, anxiety attacks and social anxiety disorder.

โ€ข Those who have suffered in the past and are still scared of panic attacks recurring.

โ€ข Those who live with people who suffer from panic attacks; reading Nicolaโ€™s personal experiences will improve understanding of this disabling condition and the enormous challenges their loved ones face daily.

โ€ข MET Practitioners and therapists who treat people with panic and anxiety attacks will gain a real insight into the different aspects of the fears involved and how to treat them.

About The Author: Nicola Quinn is a Meridian Energy Therapies Trainer and has helped many people overcome anxiety and phobias and now teaches therapists online to use EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, to enhance their practices.

Nicola is an Environmental and Tachyon Energy expert and co-founded The Sidereus Foundation with Silvia Hartmann with whom she also co-developed EMO, an energy therapy which, in recent years, has revolutionized the art and science of emotional healing.

Find out more about Nicola and this new release by visiting her website, HERE.

Click here to buy 'Life Without Panic Attacks' by Nicola Quinn

Join Nicola Quinn's free discussion and support group 'Anxiety Help With Nicola' HERE

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