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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 92 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Presentation Overviews - 2012 EFT & Energy Conference

The Power of the Positive with Silvia Hartmann

Silvia HartmannThe high energy states we can achieve so easily with modern energy methods such as Energy EFT and EMO are unique and extremely precious. We call them energized end states, threshold shifts, healing events. They empower, inform and enlighten. But here's the question. Do you really have to "cure a trauma" or even "find a trauma" to engage the true Power of the Positive ...?


NLP for Energists - Time Lines with Jimmy Petruzzi

Jimmy PetruzziJimmy Petruzzi, author of the best-selling NLP book Excel at Sports, will guide us through the Neuro Linguistic Programming concept of Time Lines and how they can be used by Energists to help a client overcome limiting decisions and program a positive future.

Jimmy writes: In NLP we refer to time lines to describe how people spatially store information about events which occurred in different times (our unique way of internally representing chronological time). It is supposed that if we did not have a system for coding time in this way, it might be difficult to differentiate between something which happened last week and something which happened, say, six months ago.

It can be very obvious where people spatially store their memories. How often do you notice that when people refer to past events they gesture to their left, or behind themselves? And when people refer to the future, they often gesture to their right, or in front.

Time lines, like all experience, have structure and therefore have submodalities. These may easily be manipulated to change the meaning of events which occurred in the past, or to influence events which may happen in the future.


Energy Healing for Animals - Using EFT for Horses, Dogs and their Owners with Davide Focardi

Details TBADavide Focardi


Practical Ideas for getting EFT & EMO into Schools - A Roundtable hosted by Kim Bradley & Mathilde Barbier

Kim BradleyAMT Trainer Kim Bradley and AMT Practitioner Mathilde Barbier both have first-hand experience of taking energy therapies into the schools system, and teaching life-changing techniques to children and teachers alike. In this round-table discussion group they will facilitate the generation of ideas, tips and techniques to make it easier for you and your fellow Energists to do the same, thereby helping the children overcome the array of stresses and strains of school life, and helping to develop a happy and healthy new generation.


Core Biodynamic Skills for Energists with Mary Louise Muller

Details TBAMary Louise Muller


50 Shades of F***ed up: A Beginners Guide to Energy Work with Child Sex Abuse Survivors with Silvia Hartmann

Silvia HartmannYou cannot hang out your shingle as someone who specialises in emotions and not attract people who really do have serious problems with emotions - and there are hardly any more intense and complex problems than those of sex abuse survivors. The younger the age at which the abuse occurred, the more personalised an energy system becomes. In the past, and without any real tools to help such people, treating them was fraught with difficulty. With modern energy methods, we are in a different situation.

Here are the very latest easy, elegant and stress free approaches, methods and techniques for helping sex abuse survivors to heal, evolve and then to thrive.


EFT for Techies & Other Sceptics with Sara Bern

Do you also have clients thinking that EFT sounds like fluffy magic? Do you have logical clients reluctant to confide in your methods?Sara Bern

With technical engineering background, things like visualization and meditation were always really hard for me. Always needed to know, understand, have control...

As I came in touch with EFT, during my certification to LifeSuccess consultant, I was really impacted by my food intolerance after a week in that fancy hotel with its luxurious and delicious food. I had constant stomach pain, eczema, insomnia and natural irritability. A colleague was also EFT practitioner and got me intrigued. I decided to give it a try. Literally overnight, EFT helped me get over my lifelong food intolerance.

As an amateur I then helped liberate my three kids of their vast food allergies and intolerance. I got hooked on this marvelous method.

It was enough to convince me, but not all of my friends and relatives. I have then enhanced my coaching service with the ability to confidently explain EFT from a biological, a physical and a technical perspective.

I usually teach a combination of the short EFT protocol, with the EFT choices method. I use flowcharts to visualize the method.

In this presentation, you will learn how I explain EFT for techies and skeptics using references to Dr. Lipton and Epigenetics to give confidence in the minds ability to impact the body, instantly. I explain Piezoelectricity, which is the charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (including certain ceramics, DNA, proteins and bone) when mechanical pressure is applied. I then explain the importance of water for the efficiency of EFT by relating it to what everybody already knows: Water leads electricity better than many solid materials.

This gives a good foundation to start tapping with this kind of people.


Building Firm Foundations with Eden Energy with Madison King

Madison KingStrong, balanced energies provide a supportive springboard for change; a firm foundation upon which to create a new script.

Learn how to work with not only the basic energies of the body, but also two of the ancient Strangeflows, to support you, enhance your work and truly realise and integrate change!

This will be a session packed with practical information, visual demonstrations and the opportunity of hands on experience to truly 'feel' the techniques.

I am absolutely delighted and excited to have been asked to contribute to this year's conference. Within the realms of Eden Energy Medicine [EEM] there are myriad techniques that will support your work; they could fill days, if not weeks, of teaching.

What I want to do for you is to cut through to the real key players – the real essence of how EEM can support you and your clients.

We all work with change: freeing up the way to effect change, dealing with change that is trust upon us, coping with unwanted change, breaking through to positive change – change is the issue here and using a few simple EEM techniques can make dealing, coping, integrating and achieving change a whole lot easier!


Tao Tap-n-Trance with Laura Moberg

I am honoured to share with you the basics of Tao Tap-n-Trance which I hope can help bring health andhappiness to you and your clients.Laura Moberg

This is a simple yet comprehensive energy balancing system I designed as a daily routine to help people practice independently.

The Tao Tap-n-Trance routine opens and closes with flowing qigong movements and has the Taoist Microcosmic Orbit as the heart of the practice. The body is an EFT tapping sequence with EMO focus on bodily sensations. With a clear emphasis on breath work, trance state and energy hypnosis can be used optimally as well.


Nourishing Body, Heart & Soul - Regenerate Your Inner World with Catherine Dixon

Cathy DixonThe Energy centre located in the solar plexus known as the dan tien is the most important energy centre for our inner battery. It powers the “I am” which in turns empowers and nurtures us. The Heart centre connects us to “I am love” – love for ourselves, for others and for our world. The Upper energy centre or third eye links us to our soul purpose. These are three most important energy centres in the body that keep our internal energy system healthy, flowing and vibrating at the optimum level.

This introductory talk will present how to open and develop these centres and how to develop a daily practice so we continue to evolve and keep ourselves healthy, happy and well. These centres are central to the principles of Chinese Meridian Energy System and Traditional Chinese Medicine and the acupuncture points used in EFT are based on the same system. 


Energy EFT with Dez Sellars

Welcome To Energy EFT - the next generation of EFT as modern energy work.Dez Sellars

Using EFT with energy in mind, you can now experience faster, more focused, more logical EFT self help treatments and go much further into the realms of empowerment, mental clarity and having all the energy you need to succeed in life.


Hawaiian Huna Energy with Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn DevonishThis workshop will show energy practitioners and those interested in working more powerfully with energy how to get dramatic results for both themselves and their clients with the Hawaiian Huna technique.  Those wishing to participate in the practical exercises will gain first hand experience of what it feels like to connect with this form of energy.  Through a mixture of theory, practical examples, guided meditation, and energy techniques, the participants will be taken on a unique journey, the likes of which they may have never experienced before.


Advanced Energy Work with Project Sanctuary & The Genius Symbols with Oli Peltier

Oli Peltier

Oli Peltier takes us to different realms of imagination & creativity with these breakthrough tools by Silvia Hartmann. Unlock the hidden genius within us all, with Project Sanctuary & The Genius Symbols.


Beliefs in the Matrix with Karl Dawson

Karl DawsonEFT Master Karl Dawson, author of the best-selling book Matrix Reimprinting with EFT, offers a unique view on why the Law of Attraction doesn't appear to work for some people. All these life experiences that have gone before us create pictures in our Matrix. These pictures, if they are positive and supportive, help us to attract more of what we want. But if these pictures are negative and destructive, we attract more of the same. Simply wishing for different experiences when we have these destructive pictures in our field will not change our point of attraction.

When we start to do the work with Matrix Reimprinting, we actually change the pictures in our fields and therefore the beliefs we attach to these pictures, which ultimately changes the direction our lives will take.


Tapping into the Parts Other Therapies can't Reach - A Systematic Review of the Evidence of EFT with Dr Liz Boath

Dr Liz Boath

The need for an evidence base to support EFT and other energy psychologies is essential if they are to be accepted into the mainstream. While recent research reviews highlight the growing body of research in these fields, the evidence to date is currently insufficient to meet NICE (National institute of Clinical Evidence) and APA 

My presentation will outline the results of a recently published narrative systematic review that identified and assessed the quality of all published randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of EFT. The review evaluated the effectiveness of EFT in treating a range of psychological disorders including and compared the effectiveness of EFT with other interventions used for treating disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Fibromyalgia, phobias, test anxiety, food craving, public speaking anxiety and athletic performance. The results demonstrate that EFT is effective in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Fibromyalgia, phobias, test anxiety, public speaking anxiety, food cravings and athletic performance. EFT is shown to be superior to diaphragmatic breathing (DB), Progressive Muscular Relaxation (PMR), an inspirational lecture and a support group. EFT was shown to be as effective as Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). The results suggest that EFT may be an efficient and effective intervention for a range of psychological disorders.(American Psychiatric Association) requirements for an evidence based therapy.

This presentation will provide an overview of the existing evidence base for EFT, highlight the pros and cons of current research and identify gaps in the literature. Recommendations for future research and evaluation will be highlighted and potential sources of funding identified.


How to Move to the Next Phase of Your Professional Evolution with Konstadina Sadoriniou

Konstadina SadoriniouAre you tired feeling stuck, unclear, confused and frustrated as to why your business is not moving forward in a way that you would have liked? Have you had enough, not feeling good enough and not earning enough?

Join Konstadina Sadoriniou and discover:

• The all important step-by-step roadmap you need to follow in your business – miss one step and you lose the game.
• What is the foundation you need to establish first before you are able to create a profitable business – without it you will end up feeling stuck and disheartened.
• How to build a strong foundation using simple techniques that will help you build a business based on doing what you love and profit from it.
• The 6 step formula that can take you to the next phase of your professional evolution and experience the success that you deserve in your chosen field.


Sacred Sounds with William Taylor

Join us for a fascinating exploration of the energetic stories woven by sound and music. Discover the ageless language and the rich tapestries and experiences that teach us, enlighten us and nourish our souls.  Stretch your energetic senses and learn to engage in the mysteries of sound and vision.

Prepare to be entranced!

Will Taylor


Let's Get Naked with Matrix Reimprinting with Penny Croal

Penny CroalWe all have to get naked at various points in our life and if we are not happy with our bodies and our skin this could have a potential effect on how we react in every aspect of our life.

Penny Croal would like to share a unique tool to find the exact energy stresses of skin conditions and how to relieve them in a gentle and non invasive manner using Matrix Reimprinting.


EmoWalk: Your Doorway to the Knowing Field with Ute Holcombe

Ute Holcombe

A few years now I have been working with single clients or with groups, offering (among other methods) a technique called Walking In Your Shoes (short WIYS) - a tremendous effective method to simplify life, gain needed information, understand two- and fourlegged beings (and beings without legs!) and to find inner peace and keep it for good.

Originally, actor Joseph Culp, fellow artists and psychologist John Cogswell developed WIYS in the late 1980s to let actors dive deeper into their roles and characters. But soon they discovered that this method could also be used in daily life with amazing results.
Walking is a body-mind-process in which you use your natural gift of spontanious empathy and compassion to temporarily dissolve your sense of ego – the „I" – and are able to embody other people, beings, states, aspects, organs, diseases, plants, buildings etc.

The so-called „walker" uses the existing fields of information which surround us always and everywhere. And whose existence is little by little grudgingly accepted by science.

EmoWalk combines WIYS with the healing power of EFT to create a new and powerful healing tool.


Biofield Diagnosis with Dr Thornton Streeter

Thornton StreeterWitness a live journey to the core of human being – Explore the Chakras and the Meridians as Dr Thornton Streeter reveals with PIP Biofield imaging the interactions between healer and healee.

With non-invasive preventative screening tools such as PIP and Medical Thermal Imaging it is possible to calculate an individual's health trajectory well before symptoms would give rise to a diagnosis that is often too late to initiate an effective program of healing.


Meta Health - The Energy of Stress with Sam Cox Thorpe

Meta Health is a significant advancement in the understanding of how we embody our perceptions and how the energy of stress is processed in the body. Each illness, (biological program meant only for short term adaptation) has a specific trigger. If you know the trigger, you understand WHY you have the illness.Sam Cox Thorpe


Conference Close with Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann

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