Losing Weight the EMO Way

Early last year Louise and I had a brainwave about using a combination of EFT and EMO to help people lose weight. Little did we know what a journey of discovery that would become!

Early last year Louise and I had a brainwave about using a combination of EFT and EMO to help people lose weight. Little did we know what a journey of discovery that would become.  

The journey began after an initial brainstorming session and reams of paper later when we realised we had the basics for 6 sessions to help people with all areas of weight gain.  

The sessions would cover; teaching the techniques and past weight history, cravings, habits, emotions, in-grained beliefs and self esteem.  

We began writing the programme and soon found we were packing so much information into each class that we would need 7 sessions in order to re-cap for them and so it was decided. 

Then came a very strange period of time where Louise and I had the idea but not yet the belief in ourselves to deliver it.  And so, during this time, the programme got re-written, tweaked, tinkered with, improved upon, a spelling mistake here, a lack of full stop there for months and months and months!

At last, Louise and I came to realise that we were caught hook line and sinker into procrastination and some EMO was needed to put a fire in our bellies and clear out the nerves and lack of self belief – and so a date was set, 6th November 2007 – THE TRIAL.

Louise and I met up an hour before our ladies were due to arrive.  We were so nervous we couldn’t even remember our introduction about ourselves!  Our stomachs were in tight knots, our hearts were beating fast, palms were sweaty and a cloud had descended around our heads.  

It all certainly felt like a TRIAL at this stage!  We called on captain EMO for some help!  We sat, eyes closed and we unknotted our bellies, we softened our heart, we flowed out our sweat and we lifted the cloud.  At last we were ready.

The sessions began and it quickly became apparent that it would blow our expectations of this course out of the water. We realised that the main driver behind all the other areas of overeating was self esteem. 

We began to focus on self love, self worth, feeding the energy system with appreciation. 

The transformation was magical.  We taught them ways to cope with cravings and habits.  We showed them how to eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full. 

They discovered how beliefs they have had since childhood has affected the way they eat now. 

Louise and I learnt that clearing the past, healing the blame, forgiving the self had become an important part of the process and so we tweaked some more and now the programme is 8 weeks long.

On the course evaluation one of the ladies summed up the experience in these beautiful words:

“My physical goal is to reduce my waist size, but my emotional goal is to be able to love and accept myself.  My spiritual goal is to allow the God within to let me do these things as all is possible.”

Other comments received were;

I very much liked the course content

Very comfortable and intimate atmosphere where I felt I could share

I became more aware of patterns with eating and the reasoning behind them.

A path to self awareness, loving myself is the best outcome which will have a direct impact on my weight.

I have enjoyed discovering aspects previously hidden about myself

We have new weight loss courses running in June and September this year and we are very much looking forward to growing and learning in this field.  Apart from the 8 session programme we have now developed it into a 2 day intensive workshop with full course notes and aftercare service.  

It’s amazing what can be achieved with a little determination and EMO to catch you when you think you might fall.

Kim Bradley and Louise Bliss
Email: info@emotionalfreedom-training.co.uk

3rd June 2008 – 8 Session Weight Loss programme begins
2nd September 2008 – 8 Session Weight Loss programme begins
27th and 28th September 2008 – 2 day Intensive Weight Loss Seminar

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