Love Is...

Love Is... Over the Valentine's weekend DragonRising were giving you the chance to win an extra special training with EMO Love expert Sandra Hillawi...

And now they have a winner!


Gabrielle Talley!

The lucky winner has won a place on one of the following training sessions:

  • 27 Feb – EMO Practitioner – Perthshire, Scotland, UK
  • 14/15 Mar – EMO Relationship Consultant - Bonn, Germany
  • 27 Mar – EMO Practitioner – Cheshire, England, UK
  • 4/5 Apr – EMO Practitioner – North Carolina, USA
  • tba Apr – EMO Practitioner – Cairo, Egypt
  • 23/24 May – EMO Relationship Consultant – Sedgwick Park, Horsham, UK

The competition was a huge success, with entrants from over 11 different countries world wide, spanning 5 continents! A big thank you to everyone who entered, below we have compiled what we believe to be some of the best entries:

Love Is...

**Knowing the perfection of your true self and sharing this flow of giving and receiving with others in every moment** Alison Menzies, Holland

**Like a chrysalis turning into a butterfly which soars into the heavens with the purest hope and expectation** Morag Foster, Scotland

**Joy channelled through living** June Simpson, England

**Unconditional... Like that of: Mother for child, dry land for rain, a caged bird for freedom and friend for friend** Sabra Darugar, United States

**Looking upon the face of life with excitement knowing that each day will bring you new experiences, relationships, and chances** Patricia Dancing-Elk, United States

And finally, the winning entry:

Love Is...

**An acceptance of another person completely. It is accepting their faults and their greatness. Love is action!**

Thanks again to everyone who entered and to Sandra for donating this fantastic prize!

Remember, you can still see Sandra at one of her courses around the world and at the EMO Conference 2009!

The EMO Conference 2009

Other EMO Events


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