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Magical Healing: Combining the Genius Symbols with EFT

Magical Healing: Combining the Genius Symbols with EFT

Carna Zacharias-Miller Writes: Here is a technique I developed that combines the clearing work of EFT with the PS Classic Game and the Genius Symbols. “Magical EFT” is not for everybody: Usually, EFT trauma work needs to be done before entering into this realm. However, I have noticed that EFT works faster (less rounds) and often in a gentler, more “tearless” way when done in this metaphorical framework...

To find out how read on

Tuned in to the emotional needs and spiritual vision of my client, I facilitate the creation of what I call the Soul Person, an imaginary heroine/hero which is the authentic self. Using the PS Classic Game, I assist in creating The Story, a mythic tale, and finding an inner home that promotes emotional safety, healing, and creativity. This sanctuary tends to be incredibly “sticky” as Silvia Hartmann calls it, and clients stay and play with it joyfully, even if they move on to work on their own.

I always do this work on the phone, even with local clients, since it seems to be a lot easier to enter a common inner space without visual distractions (at least that’s the case for me). Before we start, I take my Genius Symbols and set up a Classic Game. I did add one symbol to the set: “Body”. I use it to tune in to the perception of bodies and clothes. Then I put out the contract in the name of the client:

Dear Energy Mind, give me access to my Soul Person and lead me into a deeply meaningful story that reveals who I really am and what I need to do. And let it be easy.”

Then off we go into the inner theater…

To release blockages along the way, tapping is used. Sometimes, this is done by staying in the metaphorical context (for example: “Even though the doorknob of my castle’s front door is too high, and I can’t reach it to open the door…”), or we connect to an actual memory that is coming up (“Even though my father said I was stupid when I didn’t hand him the right tool to repair the lawnmower…”).

Sometimes, very little EFT is necessary, and the story just flows. That is free image streaming at its best. At other times, lots of “stuff” is coming up, and we tap more. Some people need more guidance, and then I bring in additional Genius Symbols. Power Animals are almost always present, and sometimes they dwarf even EFT: “Anne” who had been severely beaten by her father as a child, did not feel safe in her castle habitat since her abusive father was roaming around and searching for her. When I asked her if she wanted to tap on her childhood father, she declined and chose the protection of a silver wolf. The inner image of this wolf has been staying with her giving her a never felt sense of safety on a daily basis.

Following The Story, I like to go back to the inner sanctuary (with the client) and “flesh out” spaces, homes, rooms, plant money trees, install wishing wells and magical herb gardens (for example), and play games. “The Gift” is the absolute favorite! At this point, I have the Symbols scattered all over my desk and let my intuition guide me in the selection.

An important goal of this work is to achieve changes in the outer, the physical world. EFT practitioner Lynne Shaner experienced that after just two sessions (she has done much clearing work with EFT in the past.). In a delightful back loop, her experience serves EFT itself:

“The work in creating a series of inner rooms has been incredibly powerful. It has also been practical on a very real level--- two days after our session together, I gave a workshop at a large law firm that has resulted in ongoing EFT workshops with them and will result in an ongoing stream of clients. This has been an important goal for some time.”

Ultimately, Magical EFT is spiritual work. EFT clears emotional blockages, and Project Sanctuary with the Genius Symbols reminds us who we really are. I call it Soul.


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