Major New Release - Living Energy: The Patterns & Techniques of EMO, Vol 2

Major New Release - Living Energy: The Patterns & Techniques of EMO, Vol 2 'Living Energy' by Silvia Hartmann, the long awaited successor of the fantabulous 'Oceans of Energy' is now available in eBook format with the paperback edition available for pre-ordering. In November 2003, sixty top EMO Trainers and Practitioners came together in Eastbourne, United Kingdom, to find out about the latest techniques, patterns and exercises from the EMO Universe. This book contains a full and uncensored transcript of everything which transpired during those two days, plus extensive supporting addendi.

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Table Of Contents

& Reading Sample From "Living Energy"

Living Energy

Table Of Contents


  • Editorial Notes
  • Welcome To "Living Energy" By Silvia Hartmann
  • Trails Of Techniques
  • Essays & Transcripts
Preface: A Special EMO Practitioner Training
  • Re-Defining Psychosomatic Disease
  • Size and State Of The Human Energy System
  • Living Energy
  • The Afternoon Exercises
  • Thoughts and Further Developments

Part 1 - The HEROS System

Energy Re-Unifies The Universe

  • Beyond Remediality
  • Cracking The Egg

Reading Sample: Live Transcript From "Living Energy" Seminar.

Cracking The Egg

One thing that is very important about EMO is this.

You know that image that is often produced, here is our enlightened guy sitting in crosslegged position, you've seen this, right, with the chakras stacked like dinner plates, in this egg.

And the problem is, that's blatantly an egg.

And I would love to see what happens when the guy comes out of it. When that shell cracks open and this embryo we have been given as the end result of a developed energy system was to actually unfold and come out ...

Wouldn't that be something?

Would you like to do that?

Would you like to be that?

Give it your jolly best shot?

Well then you are my people here because I want to know as well!

Just because its never been done doesn't mean that we can't do it! Quite in the opposite! It is so a fruitmachine. People who study fruitmachines know that after a certain time, it has to pay out. It really has to pay out' it can't not. So what people do is they wait until everyone's put a whole lot of money in, then they sneak around and put just ten pence in.

The 'human misinformation fruitmachine' has been going for so long, we don't have a big deal to do here, just literally put our 10p in and it all comes out, because it is so balanced on the verge of this forward movement, it wants to happen, it really does else I wouldn't have found it as easily as this.

So, EMO for me is very much not about remediality, only in so far that let's say I wanted to go for a walk to this mountain over there because I want to see what's on that mountain ' but my feet hurt. That makes me think it's not going to be a pleasant journey or easy to get there unless I do something about it. So the only way in which I look at EMO as a 'healing' modality is to get the feet fixed quick so I can get to the mountain.

This is NOT just about healing. Healing is only the beginning to get us back to an even keel, a platform from which we actually start to go forward.

Forward to the New.

States of health that none of you have ever had.

States of joy and happiness that we don't even know exist.

Ourselves, each one of us, actually doing things for which there have been no role models ever.

Now that is exciting, and this is what EMO is really about.

ET Level 1, the practitioner level, deals with things as they are right now.

People are hurt, people are desperate, people are a mess. They are unhappy, they are not functioning properly, they don't know what's wrong with themselves, their conscious minds are not talking to their energy minds, their energy minds can't make sense of contact lenses or what the hell is going on; as far as they are concerned, they never had an energy body so just anyone can go and distort it, say weird things to them, and all those maladies ...

So the core, EMO Level 1, is to get people ready to a point where they are thinking pro-actively, rather than remedially, and this is what we're here for.

We'll do some more remedial stuff but this weekend is about pro-activity.

Luckily, EMO is also a nice tool for pro-activity, because when you do are thinking about doing things you have never done before, chances are you are going to be scared, right?

And how are you going to deal with that fear?

Or you might have doubts.

How are you going to deal with those doubts?

And here comes EMO as life's happy companion ...

I personally went out and faced the ghosts of my past, the biggest ghosts of my past, by booking a trip and presenting at a conference in Germany.

Now people, you have no idea. That was like going back to the concentration camp. It was horrendous. I would not have even dared to be there without EMO. EFT is good, but it doesn't help you in the moment. In the moment, when you are actually faced with something that just brings up ... vooom! the worst moments of your life. And I got through it.

I got through it.

And I even think that the people who were down there even noticed that there was anything wrong with me at all. That's powerful stuff. It allowed me personally to do something ' and doing is the word! It is not about thinking about it, tap, tap, tap, do it, run back into your hole. For me this was five days straight into the situation, constant, constant, keep moving forward, in, through, and out the other side ' and bloody hell, am I proud of myself.

Now that's another feeling I didn't have much of before this.

See look if you are too frightened to challenge yourself because of the energetic injuries in your body and all the stuff we've been exposed to, then you don't get to a point where you can challenge yourself, get through to the other side and then become proud of yourself. That is a hugely lifting, powerfully motivating emotion and once you've done it a few times, you'd be surprised of what you can do.

I would just like to make a note of how inordinately proud I am of Nicola for doing yesterday's training. That was absolutely brilliant and the same kind of thing as what I did in Germany.

She had never taught a group of people before, would not have conceived of it, but she did it, got through it and I am incredibly proud of you. Yeah, really.

And what I'm hoping, for every one of you, I don't know what your own personal challenges are, what areas they are in, if they have aspects of, like me going to Germany, that was a trip into the past. Facing the demons of the past. Physically, personally, not in therapy. Getting on a plane, facing those houses and those flowerboxes. Seriously, don't laugh. Triggers, trauma has triggers. I had a nervous breakdown at a large garden gnome and I'm not kidding.

But what your own personal challenges are, where they are, what you want to do, and go into that, and even if you just do it the once and you've done it, and you can be proud of yourself and you know that you can do it now, that is so extraordinary.

If I have one prayer for you guys is that you get to do that because it clears the path for the future and towards the New.

We've all done so much cleaning of the past, therapy and tapping, and worrying about it, and now we want to go into the future.

We haven't go much time, people. None of us are spring chickens anymore and it's a big Universe, a lot to see and a lot of discover, we've got to get started, all of us do.

So ... let's get started right now!

  • EMO and the Energy Body
  • The Conscious Mind and the Energy Body

Thought Flow

  • The Moment Of Stillness
  • Leverage Points
  • Paying Attention

The Energy "System"

  • The Energy Mind
  • The Triad
  • The HEROS
  • Lionheart & Heart Healing
  • The Heart As The Ultimate Defense System
  • The HEROS Journey

The Need For Evidence

  • The Conscious Need For Direction
  • The Energy Matrix
  • Snow Globes
  • Personal Development Rather Than Therapy
  • Matrix Globes
  • Zoom Movements
  • Energetic TimeLines

Going Past The Demon Guards

  • No-Go Zones
  • The Energy Buffet
  • The Energy Of Learning
  • Demons
  • Evil CDs
  • Demons Demonstration
  • Demon Exercise Instructions

Re-Gaining The Balance

  • Innocent Energy Evocation
  • Congruency When Helping Others
  • Working With The Wider Energy System
  • Physiological Feedback & Evidence
  • Exercise: A Better Connection With Your HEROS

Summation: The Evolutionary Spiral Of Life

PART II - The Autogenic Universe

The Physicality In The Totality System

  • Role Models
  • The Others
  • The Highest Taste Principle
  • It isn't bad being wrong. But staying wrong, is.

The Template

  • The Template Exercise
  • The Template & The Physicality
  • Reversal Disturbances

The Autogenic Body

  • The Body Thoughtfield
  • And now, knowing that this is so, HOW can I use this to my advantage?
  • Re-Connecting Our Broken Bodies
  • One Body Demonstration
  • Affecting A Change In The Autogenic Body

Re-Setting The Laws Of Our Autogenic Worlds

  • Hypnosis & Autogenics
  • Questions on the Autogenic Body
  • Fun & Games with the Autogenic Universe
  • The Magic Jelly Beans
  • Magic Jelly Bean Demonstration
  • Magic Jelly Bean Exercise

Personal Development For Real People

  • Congruency Competitions
  • Reality Re-Evaluation
  • Talking To The Body

Addendum 1 - Patterns In Brief

  • Resolving Conflict - The Rainbow Connection
  • Rainbow Connection II
  • Improving Communication & Healing Relationships
  • Demons & Shadows
  • Energy Weather, Energy Storms ...

Autogenic Body Exercises

  • Re-Unification
  • Mirror Exercise
  • Removing Injuries
  • The Creative Template
  • The Creative Template & Relationships

Autogenic Universe Exercises

  • Setting The Autogenic Properties Of Food
  • Creating An Autogenic Healing Object
  • The Autogenic Detective
  • TimeLine Exercise
  • The Current State Of Affairs - Affirmations 101
  • Magic Jelly Beans

Addendum 2 - Essays 2003-2004

The Energy Of Learning

  • Reversing The Flow Of Learning
  • Shields To Incoming Information
  • Heart Learning
  • Students & Teachers
  • Thought Flow
  • What is a "Thought Loop"?
  • Putting It Behind You
  • Questions On The Thought Flow System

Thought Flow - Snow Globes

  • The Input System - Following Your Heart
  • System Clearing In Preparation For Flow
  • Introducing The Snow Globe
  • Snow Globe Do's & Don'ts
  • Snow Globe Applications In Brief

Factor X

  • The Long Suffering Physicality
  • The Thought-Mind
  • The Energy Systems
  • The Soul System
  • Saving The Totality
  • Reversing Reversals

Innocent Energy & Perfect Personal Healing

Finding The One

The Laws Of The Universe

Art Solutions

  • A Legacy Of Pain
  • The Power Of The Solution
  • Maintaining The Crucial Rapport To The Original Question
  • Role Modelling The QUEST For Solutions
  • Engaging The HEROS Through Artistic Expression

Heart Healing

  • The Importance Of The Heart Of Energy
  • What Little I Have ...
  • The Benefits Of Healing The Heart
  • Dismantling The Self Constructs
  • Your Own Hands, Your Own Heart
  • The Heart Healing Prayer

Addendum 3 - Glossary Of Terms & Definitions

Further Reading

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