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Making Room for the New

Making Room for the New

Cheryl Hopkins writes: "We all want a ‘better’ life; improved relationships, a better paying job, more rewarding work, a sense of freedom... more daily joy. For me, life is about joy... spreading it and experiencing it daily and in particular, helping people develop careers they feel passionate about and a workplace (I specialise in the financial sector) that thrives on respect, trust… personal effectiveness, because it’s our individual effectiveness… our own personal mastery, that determines our success and thus joy in life.

So, this article is about setting yourself up for an incredible time in the week, month… year ahead, in whatever aspect of your life you choose; of course, to make room for the new you need to clear out the weeds that hold you back, and that’s where EMO comes in."

Cheryl is an Advanced ETP who specialises in creating root level changeTM in the workplace for individuals, organisations and society as a whole

The Process

Before you get started you might want to grab a pen and paper, so you can write your thoughts down.  And whilst I’ve outlined the following steps please feel free to amend them to suit you!

1. Ok, take a minute or two to get into your body; run some innocent energy through your system 2-3 times to help prepare yourself for the ‘creating and clearing’ you’re about to do.

2. Now, think of the time period that you want to focus on e.g. you might want to focus on the experiences you want to create in the next month, quarter or even the entire year.

3. Begin to think of all the things you’d like to have happened by the end of your time period e.g.

  • Your legacy for this coming year; what would you like to leave behind come the end of it?
  • The amount of joy in your life; what wonderful things would you like to experience in this timeframe?
  • The way (particular) relationships pan out; the type you have
  • The amazing work you’re doing (the actual activities, people involved, the places, times, money…)

Just choose what works for you; it can be as tiny or as large as you desire.  Then put all your ‘desires’ into a thoughtfield, ready for processing, or you might like to write them down and then thoughtfield them.

4.Now, take in a tiny bit of the thoughtfield, notice any blocks and soften and flow.  Once cleared, take in some more and clear that; continue taking in more and more of the thoughtfield until it’s flowing through you in an energised state or until you feel you’ve done ‘enough’ for now; you can work on it a little at a time if that suits.

5.One great technique for creating your thoughtfield can be to ask yourself: ‘What if … (whatever you desire)… could happen in this period’; I find it helps my ideas an energy flow more rapidly.

6.Now, you might like to make a 1 page vision ‘sheet’ of this thoughtfield; it can contain pictures, words, scents… anything to remind you of your desires for the period, so you can connect with their energy for a few minutes each day helping you achieve an energised end state in your daily life.

And one thing I find really effective is to image myself at the end of the period and ask the ‘What if… I’ve achieved my desire’ question when I’m out for my morning walk; it really sets me up for the day ahead.  Plus, if I need to take some actions steps; to get on with something I might be procrastinating about or avoiding, using the ‘What if’ gets me into the energised end state and raring to go!

Hope you find the above useful and would love to hear how you get with it.

All the best for now

Change it live it Founder

Cheryl is the founder of Change It Live It, a socially  driven learning and development company she created to clear out workplace attitudes and behaviours that suck the life and effectiveness out of individuals, their organisation and society. She primarily works in Banking & Finance because she sees this as the heart of our society and believes that improving things here benefits everyone.

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