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Mastering EFT Language Skills

Mastering EFT Language Skills

AMT Trainer Peter Delves writes: "When using EFT some practitioners grapple with what words to use. Although the basics are addressed in standard trainings, this article describes one of the ways you can create language patterns to help the effectiveness of EFT. It is just one of the approaches which we will be covering at the special one day EFT Language Skills Masterclass on the 5th September."

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Words are important

I like words. I think they are important and I think they are powerful. But I would say that wouldn’t I? My background is in hypnotherapy and NLP before discovering meridian energy therapies 12 years ago. The importance of language in EFT is not confined to the set-up statement. It also includes the use of powerful and incisive questions, reframing issues prior to tapping, language patterns for specific emotions, phrases for different personality styles, and how to conclude a session positively, even if the issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

A simple technique

Therefore one of the elements we will be covering at the Masterclass will be what to say at each point. A technique that I have developed is to create a simple story structure while tapping. As Aristotle identified, a story needs a beginning, middle and an end. I find that I can use this structure using only seven points (after the set-up) i.e. from the eyebrow down to the under-arm point.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say a client has a fear of speaking in public and they have to give a presentation.

With skilful questioning you get to the heart of the issue which is “terror of making a fool of myself”. The set up statement is straight forward enough with either the karate chop or sore spot...

“Even though I have this terror of making a fool of myself I......accept myself”.

Then tap on the following points with such phrases as:

Eyebrow point: “This terror of making a fool of myself” (Beginning: Once more acknowledging the problem).

Side of eye: “Which is intended to protect me” (Still at the beginning/acknowledgement stage but covering positive intention which may have been discussed prior to tapping).

Under eye: “But does not serve this purpose” Middle or bridge. Starting to question it.

Under nose: “I could keep creating this terror if I wanted to” (Middle/bridge continued. Invites a polarity response of “yes but I don’t want to” as well as taking responsibility for “creating” it which implies you can let it go.

Chin: “But I choose to let it go and reserve it for situations when I really need it, such as if I’m in mortal danger, instead of simply talking to people”. Ending. The word “but” diminishes what preceded it enhances what follows it. Holding the contrast of the two situations helps to let the feeling go from the less threatening situation while offering reassurance about still having access to the feeling if really required.

Collarbone: “Because I want to feel relaxed and confident giving presentations”. (Ending – offering justification for letting it go).

Under arm “Which means I can be true to myself and my audience”. (Ending on something even more positive such as a powerful value which you may have identified pre-tapping or just introduced here anyway).

Points to remember

1.You can hang around on points and say a lot more if necessary. In other words you don’t have to get all the words in just a few taps. However I prefer not to overdo it. I find that one or two sentences are enough. After that there is a danger of diluting the effect. That's not to say there aren’t times when it is not of value to say much more on a point. Just not with this technique.
2.I think using words while tapping is not about trying to install affirmations. Rather it’s about having some useful levers to help move a heavy load.

Peter Delves will be running an EFT language Skills Masterclass on Sunday 5th September 2010 in Warwickshire UK. More details: at www.delves.co.uk or call Peter on (01926) 856746

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