Using Matrix Reimprinting To Access A Preconscious Memory by Sasha Allenby

Using Matrix Reimprinting To Access A Preconscious Memory by Sasha Allenby

In this client session, Sasha Allenby, co-author of the upcoming Matrix Reimprinting book available in October 2009, shows how to access and resolve a Preconscious Memory with Matrix Reimprinting in which her client had created the negative core belief that โ€˜people werenโ€™t safe.โ€™

At 45, John had found out 4 years previously that he had been operated on as a small child. At 18 months, he had undergone a hernia operation. The operation had taken place in the 1960s when there was a limited understanding of the needs of children in surgery, and for John, the operation had been a very traumatic experience. He was strapped down, both during and after the surgery, and his parents had very limited access to him during the whole procedure. His mum reported that his screams rang around the hospital, and it was very distressing for all involved. Although John had not been aware of what happened to him, and was not told until he was in his 40s, he felt it explained a lot about his behaviours and feelings throughout life.

John was an experienced EFT practitioner, and had previously attempted to address this memory with traditional EFT, but he could not access any emotions associated with the memory. He did, however, have a dull ache in his groin and a sense of a "frown" on his forehead when he thought about what had happened.

In order to help John access the memory, I suggested that he tapped on the dull ache in his groin. He described it as a black emptiness, and I encouraged him to focus on the pain whilst he tapped on himself with his eyes closed (this was a telephone session, so John tapped on himself throughout). John was able to very quickly connect with the emotions of helplessness and despair that we associated with the pain.

I asked him to go back to the time where the pain originated and he soon got a very clear image of himself at 18 months old. His younger self was strapped to a bed in a hospital in total fear and terror. Whilst tapping on himself in current time, John tapped on his 18 month old ECHO. The ECHO was experiencing a black terror around the head and face, and also around the groin area, and John could also feel this terror.

John tapped on himself and his ECHO simultaneously for some time. The fear soon turned to rage and it became clear that the way to release this was to free John's ECHO from the straps which were holding him down. He chose his father to come in and release him. At this point John and his ECHO were outraged, and I encouraged John to continue tapping on his ECHO as they both released the pent up anger and frustration that they were experiencing.

One of the issues for John's ECHO was that he was silent in expressing his rage, so we tapped on "Even though we can't be heard," and this released the blockage that John's ECHO was experiencing around vocal expression.

We asked John's ECHO if he would like anyone else in the room with him, and he chose an angel to be there with him and protect him throughout. John also wanted his mother there and we spent some time in the company of the angel and his parents, whilst tapping to help him release the "shell-shocked" feeling that he was experiencing.

The learning that John gained from this situation is that "people aren't safe," and although John was a very outgoing, warm, people centered person, he felt he still ran this belief on some level. We tapped on the "people aren't safe" energy in the heart area of John and his ECHO.

When the intensity was released John took his ECHO to a beach where he built sandcastles and enjoyed a sense of playfulness and freedom. The image was tken into the body to experience this new past then projected back out into the field.

On testing the work, John still had some sadness when he saw his younger self in hospital. We tapped for a few rounds on the sadness, and then John reported feeling peaceful about the image. However, I had a sense that there was something still to resolve. I asked John to report back to me in the next 48 hours, just to check on the progress and outcome of the session.

Following the session John had a number of interesting experiences. Firstly, a sense of rage welled up in him which was very intense. As he lay down and tapped he experienced a physical sense of trauma release, and his whole body trembled uncontrollably (which we know is due to releasing the freeze response). This anger continued to well up for the next 24 hours. On discussing this with John, we concluded that he hadn't given his ECHO enough time to fully express his rage after he had been strapped down. Coming from a family where strong emotions were seen as inappropriate, John realised he had calmed his ECHO and himself, rather than allowing the rage to be fully expressed. He had thus taken into himself the energy that the ECHO had been holding for him for so long.

I took John back to the image of the younger self there on the bed, and he found that the ECHO was still strapped down and extremely angry. He said his ECHO looked like a cartoon caricature of an angry face. He tapped on his ECHO and at the same time, John spoke to him gently and reassuringly. He told him that he had every right to be angry, and that what had happened to him was wrong. He told him he could express his anger any way that he wanted for as long as he wanted, and that he would be there for him. John's ECHO tore away the straps and screamed and thrashed for some time. John encouraged him and reassured him the whole time.

After this, John's ECHO was bewildered, so we tapped on the black, bewildering energy that was held in his face. We also invited the angel to return. John communicated with his ECHO and explained to him, as he would to one of his own children that the people were trying to make the pain better for him. When John had given his ECHO lots of love and reassurance, and all the energy around the memory was resolved, John's ECHO chose to go to the swings with John and the angel.

After spending some time on the swings, John said that they both felt content, but that they were both disconnected from source. John brought in all the people that had ever loved him and surrounded him and his ECHO, whilst bathing them in bright light. However, they still could not access the love that others were giving them. The angel was chosen to remove the blockage in the forehead which was a black energy disconnecting them from source, whilst we tapped simultaneously. Once removed, they were able to feel the love of those around them, and this image was transmitted through the mind and heart, and back out into the field in the usual way. John felt a tremendous sense of peace and connectedness after the session, and when he looked at the image of himself in the hospital bed, it had totally changed and his ECHO was sitting up on the bed looking calm.

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