From Silvia - Now You Can StART with ART!

From Silvia - Now You Can StART with ART!

The GoE Modern Energy Art Foundation online video course is now accepting new students!

Silvia hartmann writes...

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As you know, ART is a massive part of my life and my work - and not just any old art, but ...

Modern ENERGY Art!

And right now, you can save a full one thousand pound and take the Modern Energy Art foundation course - and you don't even have to paint a single picture if you don't want to!

You see, I think Modern Energy Art is incredibly important and so, so needed in the crazy world we live in right now.

Modern Energy Art (MEA for short) isn't just about personal growth, healing and touching the levels of us that don't have any words.

It's fundamentally about creating physical objects that are a positive contribution to the world of human beings.

Each real energy artefact, created with a true heart, loving hands and a powerful POSITIVE intention, is like a star in the night.

It doesn't have to be "clever," and it doesn't have to be "technical" for that to be so. It just has to be heartfelt and true, and then it becomes magical.

I wish, with all my heart, that more people start doing MEA, touch that original flame of creativity that resides in all human beings, and that has always been connected with THE SOUL.

Even if you are not interested in your own creativity, The Modern Energy Art Foundation course will give you 100% what you need to inspire others to find their creativity - be this your children, your grandchildren, your clients or colleagues at work.

Modern Energy Art is a true r(E)volution in human creativity - experience it for yourself with 25 short, super easy lessons that will step by step expand your ability to create wonderful things!

True gifts for the world, true gifts for everyone - but most of all, for the creator who learned, understood and evolved in the process of creating these wonderful things.

Check out the full course content and sign up here:

I can absolutely promise you, you'll be glad you did!

Art is life. Art is magic. Art is ENERGY.

And Modern Energy Art is the most direct way we can make energy visible and show its wonders to those who are still awaiting their awakening.

It's a wonderful skill set that comes from nowhere else but from starting to make positive, uplifting, powerful Modern Energy Art.

I love Modern Energy Art and I am proud to pass this on as a legacy of love.

With all my best wishes to you,


Silvia Hartmann

Creator, Modern Energy Art

President, The Guild of Energists

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