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Why Your Happiness Matters: Introduction to Modern Energy with Silvia Hartmann

Modern Energy Foundation Unit 1

Why Your Happiness Matters!

What is MODERN Energy?

  • The "Invisible Something"
  • The Love Connection

Energy is REAL

  • Emotions: The Language Of The Energy Body
  • The Modern Energy Chart
  • The Undiscovered Energy Body
  • YOUR Unique Energy Body
  • Energy Body Sign Language

The Structure of Modern Energy

  • The Highest Taste Principle
  • Swimming Towards The Light

Energy Nutrition

  • Energy Vitamins
  • Positive Energz
  • The Heart of Gold

The 6th Sense

  • The 16.7% Advantage

The Aspects Model

  • The Loving Understanding

The Third Field

  • The 0% -> 100% Rule
  • The Power Of The Positives

Your Happiness Matters!

Additional Resources:

Click to download printable version of the energz chart

Download & Print Your Energy Chart

Download a quality printable version of the energy chart

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  • EMO Energy in Motion
  • MET Modern Energy Tapping
  • SuperMind Enhanced Creativity
  • MSM Modern Stress Management
  • Bonus: The Energy of Relationships with Silvia Hartmann & Alex Kent

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